The test winners of the Stiftung Warentest and recommendations

Instead of a heavy and bulky canister vacuum cleaner, more and more households are asking for light and compact cordless vacuum cleaners. The range in retail is correspondingly large. But not all models are recommended. GIGA says which cordless vacuum cleaners are worthwhile and what you have to watch out for.

Buying advice

The affordable models in particular often offer low, insufficient suction power. But there are also real pearls at a bargain price, some of which can compete with the competition, which costs several hundred euros. We list product recommendations from cordless vacuum cleaner tests as well as general recommendations on the subject of cordless vacuum cleaners.

The best cordless vacuum cleaners in the test

placement product price to buy
Price tip Dreame V9 approx. 150 euros Rakuten
Test winner Dyson V11 Absolute about 600 euros Cyberport
Cheapest among the best Bosch BBH7SIL athlete 400 euros Saturn
Price-performance winner Dirt Devil DD788-1 Blade 2 Max approx. 250 euros ebay

Price tip from the GIGA editorial team: Dreame V9

Xiaomi Dreame V9: cordless cordless vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi Dreame V9: cordless cordless vacuum cleaner

We have had very good experiences in the GIGA editorial team with the Dreame V9, which is traded in some places as a “China insider tip”. The model is being sold by the Chinese giant Xiaomi and is usually, like the very similar sister model Dreame V9P, available for 150 to 200 euros.

The device is well made, light, absorbs well and has included various brushes, including for corners and upholstery. The charging cable can be plugged into the wall bracket so that the device can also be charged there. When vacuuming at the highest level, a battery charge of just under 15 minutes is enough. Some users may need to get used to the fact that you have to keep the button pressed for vacuuming.

The Dreame V9 offers solid performance and a wide range of functions at a very good price. We recommend that you make sure that you buy the EU version from a reputable dealer.


  • Flat and light
  • Attractively priced


  • Press permanently to suck
  • Focus high up
  • Attachment for long pile carpet very narrow

The test winner: Dyson V11 Absolute

Dyson Cyclone V11 Absolute: cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

Dyson Cyclone V11 Absolute: cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

Dyson pioneered bagless vacuum cleaners and cordless vacuum cleaners. It is therefore not surprising that with the Dyson V11 Absolute for around 650 euros, the latest prank by the British with a grade of 2.4 “good” deserves to win the test at the Stiftung Warentest. Deserved, but not undisputed, because the competition models Vorwerk Kobold VB100 (also 2.4, approx. 800 euros) and Bosch BBH7SIL Athlete (2.5, see below) are close.

The Dyson is top in almost all disciplines, especially when vacuuming carpets. Difficulty sucking only in corners. Not everyone likes that you have to press and hold a button on the Dyson, most other devices today have an on / off switch that can be operated with a single press. Nevertheless: A lot of accessories and good performance characterize the Dyson device.


  • Good suction power
  • A lot of accessories


  • Loud on hard floor
  • Press permanently to suck
  • Difficulties in corners

The cheapest among the best: Bosch BBH7SIL Athlete

Bosch BBH7SIL Athlet cordless vacuum cleaner

Bosch BBH7SIL Athlet cordless vacuum cleaner

The Bosch model was hardly worse than the test winner at Stiftung Warentest with a grade of “good” (2.5), but costs significantly less at around 400 euros. In contrast to the Dyson, it has the suction unit at the bottom, so it can also be put down when not in use. The suction power is convincing, also for carpets and upholstery; on hard floors it is not as strong as the Dyson. However, it cannot be used as a hand-held vacuum cleaner and therefore cannot be used to vacuum a car interior. The battery takes a relatively long time to charge – from 0 to 100 percent capacity you have to wait almost 6 hours.


  • Very good suction power
  • Also good for upholstery and long-hair carpets


  • Cannot be used as a hand-held vacuum cleaner
  • Long battery charging time

The price-performance winner: Dirt Devil DD788-1 Blade 2 Max

Dirt Devil DD778-1 Blade 2: cordless vacuum cleaner

Dirt Devil DD778-1 Blade 2: cordless vacuum cleaner

With a price of around 250 euros – if you can get it, because the vacuum cleaner is currently sold out almost everywhere – the Dirt Devil model offers a lot of performance at an affordable price. At the Stiftung Warentest, the stick vacuum cleaner received an overall rating of 3.3 “satisfactory” – it is good for carpets and hard floors and for vacuuming cracks, textiles and upholstery less well.

The device is at 80 db at the highest level, even for a device in the already noisy device category cordless vacuum cleaner, relatively loud. In terms of suction properties and handling, it was mediocre, the battery performance was only sufficient – the vacuum cleaner is therefore primarily suitable as a supplement to other suction variants (conventional vacuum cleaner or robot vacuum) or for small apartments.


  • Solid suction power on hard or short hair floors
  • Inexpensive


  • Difficulty with upholstery and other textiles
  • According to

The best cordless vacuum cleaners 2020: that’s how we chose

For our product recommendations on the topic of cordless vacuum cleaners, we refer to the test results of the Stiftung Warentest, especially in issue 08/2020. The test institute is one of the most renowned in the world and is known for its objective and expert tests. We have supplemented the overview with our own experience, research and product tips.

Buying cordless vacuum cleaners: What should I pay attention to when buying?

After we have presented the best cordless vacuum cleaners for different needs, we want to give you a few general tips about buying a new cordless vacuum cleaner. Pay particular attention to these criteria when making a purchase decision:

  • Suction power: The suction power should of course be as high as possible, so that the device can vacuum the dirt out of long-haired carpets and uneven surfaces.
  • Battery pack: The longer the battery life per charge, the longer the device can be cleaned in one piece. This is particularly important for extensive house cleaning, if it is not to be interrupted by constant charging breaks. The charging time of the battery should also be taken into account – the best battery vacuum cleaner is of no use if the device is not ready for use. More expensive cordless vacuum cleaners offer replacement batteries that can be changed quickly, but most have the battery permanently installed.
  • Weight: Contrary to a classic floor vacuum cleaner, which stands on the floor, the device and thus the weight is held in the hand with cordless vacuum cleaners. Therefore, a cordless vacuum cleaner should weigh as little as possible. Models of around 3 kg or less are recommended.
  • Dust container: The dirt is collected here. Cordless vacuum cleaners generally do not have a bag, so the container should not only be as large as possible so that it does not have to be emptied too often. The dirt should also be disposed of as easily and without contact – especially for allergy sufferers.
  • Filter: The filters should effectively protect against fine dust, be easy to remove and replace or clean.
  • Scope of delivery: Most manufacturers include various nozzles with the cordless vacuum cleaner. The more of these are included, the more versatile the device can be used, e.g. B. for vacuuming upholstery, furniture and Co. Pay attention to the brush range included in the purchase and that they correspond to your applications.
  • Weight distribution: Most cordless vacuum cleaners have a suction unit and battery on the top of the device. They usually have a device for wall mounting included because they don’t stand by themselves. For this, the devices with a suction unit are usually flatter at the top and can therefore also be better maneuvered under the cracks of furniture, beds and the like.

Of course there are other criteria, such as volume and handling. Ultimately, however, it is these points that decisively decide whether a cordless vacuum cleaner is good or bad.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cordless vacuum cleaners?

Thanks to the battery, this type of vacuum cleaner is particularly mobile. They do not require a nearby socket during operation, nor do they cause a trip hazard with their cable and the limitation due to the cable length. In addition, they are usually significantly lighter than the large cylinder vacuum cleaners, which is noticeable when transporting from one floor to the other. They are even so light that the stairs can also be vacuumed quickly, which is a rather difficult task for a cylinder vacuum cleaner.

The biggest advantage is more or less the biggest disadvantage. Because a vacuum cleaner needs a lot of energy. Since the batteries can only be of limited size so that the device does not become too bulky and heavy, the working time is limited. At the highest level, most devices do not last 20 minutes. At the lowest operating level, which is usually only sufficient for smooth surfaces and less for carpets, most models run between 40 and 60 minutes. That may be too short for a large house for extensive house cleaning. However, the devices are ideally suited for smaller apartments and quick vacuuming in between.

However, the prerequisite is that the battery is always charged. As a result, they have to be connected to the charger again after use. Here, some manufacturers offer a practical wall bracket or a charging stand that automatically starts charging when it is reset. A replacement battery is also practical, with which the operating time can be doubled with one hand.

In addition, some cordless vacuum cleaners can be converted from floor to handheld vacuum cleaners. This is particularly practical for vacuuming upholstered furniture, but also for many other things. For example, B. also the interior of a car with a handheld vacuum cleaner free of crumbs and dirt. However, it should be noted that – as our cordless vacuum cleaner test overview shows – not all models can keep up with the large cylinder vacuums with regard to the suction power and therefore the thoroughness when vacuuming.

Would you prefer a cordless vacuum cleaner or a vacuum robot?

The cordless vacuum cleaner is generally regarded as a replacement for the classic cylinder vacuum cleaner. But does it still make sense to buy today or should it be a vacuum robot that is moving into more and more households?

A vacuum robot alone cannot replace a “real” vacuum cleaner. The automatic robots are practical household aids that ensure regularly cleaned floors in the house. They absolutely have their reason for being, because they save time and ensure more cleanliness. But a vacuum robot cannot replace manual vacuuming in the area. Especially in a house with several floors, they quickly reach their limits if several devices are not purchased or if it is constantly carried from floor to floor. Because the cleaning process of a vacuum cleaner robot stops at every staircase. Due to the shape of the building, they are also not very suitable for vacuuming to the far corner or under furniture. And because of their mostly inferior suction power compared to “full-blown” vacuum cleaners, they are also not the first choice for the thorough cleaning of carpets.

Hence our tip: A vacuum robot is a good choice, but should be used as a partner with a good cordless vacuum cleaner – then you can also save yourself the classic wired vacuum cleaner. The robot ensures regular cleanliness of the area. With the cordless vacuum cleaner, corners, stairs, carpets are thoroughly reworked for weekly house cleaning. In large, angled and / or multi-storey houses and apartments you still need a classic vacuum cleaner, a cordless vacuum cleaner can still be a useful addition to clean quickly and selectively.

Does it have to be a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner?

Through a lot of advertising, but also a long tradition, Dyson has developed into something like the figurehead among the manufacturers of cordless vacuum cleaners. The brand has been selling wireless vacuum cleaners for many years, which are constantly being further developed and convince with powerful motors, large batteries and high suction power. This is also confirmed by the good placement of the V11 in the cordless vacuum cleaner test.

But there are also many other manufacturers of cordless vacuum cleaners. These include Miele vacuum cleaners with batteries. Vorwerk, Bosch, Philips, AEG, Rowenta and other more or less well-known brands offer the wireless floor cleaning devices. They are usually cheaper, but not everyone can keep up with the market leader Dyson. In addition, more and more Asian manufacturers are flooding the market, although their products are not always recommended. A very good product are the models of the Dreame brand distributed by Xiaomi, which with good performance and equipment at a low price are considered an insider tip.

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