The top 10 best Orchestral VST instrument plugins

A list of our favorite orchestral plugins

Whether you’re a real composer or just a musician looking to expand your range of sounds regardless of genre, if you grab some of the best orchestral VST and have them in your back pocket, you can’t go wrong. In our opinion, this is a VST instrument that really exceeds types of music and fits into every mood, feeling or direction you go. We’ll be honest, though, many of which are some of the more expensive types of VST instruments, considering that some are made for literally professional cinema soundtrack composers. There are some jewels in the orchestral VST world, so let’s go into them below.

Our orchestra VST Picks

  1. Spitfire Albion 1
  2. Metropolis Ark 1
  3. Garritan Personal Orchestra
  4. Cinematic studio strings
  5. UVI Orchestra Suite
  6. Native Instruments Cinematic
  7. 8dio Studio Quarter Series
  8. Wiener Symphoniker
  9. EastWest Hollywood Orchestra
  10. Miroslav Philharmonic Orchestra

The best plugins for orchestral instruments

Spitfire Albion 1

Our favorite selection as the best orchestral VST instrument

Spitfires Albion One comes with a contact player and is compatible with Native Instruments hardware. In our opinion, it is one of the best VST orchestral plug-ins available because it offers overall simple sound quality and performance. While downloading requires a significant amount of storage space, users have access to an extensive music sample library that can bring any movie soundtrack, song genre, and more to life. Albion One contains more than 45,000 samples from a 109-piece orchestra recorded in the critically acclaimed Hall at AIR Studies and known for its excellent acoustics.

Albion One offers high dynamics and is flexible enough to adapt to any genre. It has a wide range of articulations that give the user better control over the finished product. By selecting one of four microphone positions when using the samples on Albion One, the user can create a variety of effects that meet his needs. One of the most important features of Albion One is the strong percussion sampling, which gives every soundtrack the dramatic flair.

Metropolis Ark 1

A beautiful sounding orchestral plugin

The creators of Metropolis Ark 1 honor Fritz Lang’s 1927 hit Metropolis as inspiration. This product is ideal for composing epic orchestral music and has established itself as one of the best VST orchestral options you can buy, a firm fixture on the market. Recorded on the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin, with the musical styles of some of the best instrumentalists of their generation, it’s no wonder that Metropolis Ark 1 gives users access to everything they may need to compose their Opus Magnum.

The VST offers 18 sections / instruments, including woodwinds, strings, brass, electric guitars, bass and drums. The choir selection includes both male and female voices. Metropolis 1 is ideal for users who want to rearrange their orchestrations from scratch instead of relying on premixed pieces. This VST runs in SINE, which the user can download free of charge when purchasing Metropolis 1.

Garritan Personal Orchestra

Garritan's hugely popular orchestral software

With a wide range of more than 500 instruments, this product will undoubtedly meet the needs of the user. The high standard of sound technology, the variety of articulations and pure realism give a music title a feeling of authenticity that few other orchestral VSTs can. Instruments such as strings, brass, woodwind, drums and keyboards can be added individually to create the perfect orchestra for the desired effect.

By using this feature, the user can take into account the character of each instrument before using it, allowing instruments to interact organically and with great expression. Garritan Personal Orchestra 5 users supported by the ARIA Player do not need to purchase a separate sampler to use it. If the user chooses Garritan Personal Orchestra 5, they access one of the best VST orchestral packages that can be bought for money.

Cinematic studio strings

We love this orchestra plugin

Kontakt Player users will find it easy to record Cinematic Audio Strings and will be delighted with the offerings of the product. Cinematic Audio Strings is considered by many to be the best orchestral plug-in available and offers composers the instrumental elements they need to create original and unforgettable soundtracks. This orchestral string library was recorded by renowned professionals on one of the best scoring stages in Australia with prominent Australian musicians and is very versatile.

It offers an impressive range of dynamics and only beautiful sounds. The user interface provides users with a high quality experience without being complicated and difficult to learn. The realism and human instrumental effect that Cinematic Studio Strings brings to a recording, along with its distinctive vibrato, are additional features that users find effective in their compositions. Regardless of whether you work in the film, television or video game industry, composers or just all types of musicians will find the right string selection when using Cinematic Studio Strings.

UVI Orchestra Suite

Another great orchestral VST

The example footprint of the UVI Orchestral Suite is less than 5 GB. This is welcome news for users with limited storage space who need a plug-in for quick loading. The Orchestral Suite offers brass, string and woodwind ensembles as well as a variety of individual instruments for solo use. Other instrument categories of the plug-in are percussion instruments, an organ, classic guitar and harp. The user can also access choirs in the UVI Orchestral Suite that include children, men, women and mixed samples.

The UVI Orchestral Suite is highly valued by users, both famous professionals and amateurs and everyone in between, and has a well-deserved place on the list of the best VST orchestral instruments. The medium price offers the user a good price-performance ratio. With more than 60 instruments, 15,000 samples and 80 presets, all with excellent sound recording quality, this comprehensive orchestral experience offers everyone who wants to give his recordings instrumental flair.

Native Instruments Cinematic

The best orchestral plugin from Native Instruments

Native Instruments Cinematic is a collection of packages that no composer should do without if they want to record an epic film soundtrack. Among the various bundles, the user can select contact 6, which is considered the industry standard. Pharlight, Straylight, Thrill and Mallet Flux offer options to enrich the tones of a score. The Symphony series is a collection of professional instruments played by world-renowned musicians, while Symphony Essentials offers a more optimized basic package.

Each instrument can be purchased separately, with the full version of the Symphony series costing more, but offering extras compared to Symphony Essentials. The packages include percussion, woodwind, brass and strings. Other string and percussion packages include Action Strikes, Damage, Rise & Hit, Kinetic Metal, Emotive Strings and Action Strings. Evolve offers the composer unique sounds and effects, and the mutation versions go even further to create a modern sound.

8dio Studio Quarter Series

Another beautiful sounding orchestra with a choir and strings

The product range of this orchestral VST can be purchased at competitive prices in packages with different instruments and playing styles. The string instruments presented include the deep solo cello, the deep solo violin and emotional guitars. Other bundles are guitars with 12 strings, electric, dobro, acoustic, ukulele, mandolin and steel string guitars. These are just a few of the products 8Dio offers, a tiny selection of the company’s hundreds of options.

8Dio offers a comprehensive selection of bundles for every type of instrument, be it strings, percussion, piano, keyboard, brass or woodwind. There are also packages for composers who want to use different elements in their music, including ethnic, epic, ambient, and vintage. The choir options are also worth mentioning because they contain high quality recordings that complement any composition.

Wiener Symphoniker

Amazing sounds in this orchestral plugin

The Vienna Symphony Library contains more than six million samples! We have pretty much unlimited choices for combinations and unique compositions. Award-winning composer Danny Elfman says VSL is a central part of his sample library, which is praised by such an accomplished music giant.

Fortunately, the user who cannot afford to buy the VSL sample library in one purchase is divided into components, each of which can be purchased separately. The user can also choose to buy a standard library or a full library, the former being cheaper. In addition, there are starter pack options that offer great value for those who want to try VSL before committing to a full purchase. The Vienna Symphony Library may have a high price tag, but considering what it offers, it is well invested and is considered by many to be the best orchestral VST package that can be bought for money.

EastWest Hollywood Orchestra

Quite expensive, but the big leagues use that

With Grammy, Academy, BAFTA, and Emmy Award-winning Shawn Murphy at the forefront of this project’s audio engineering, it’s no wonder the Hollywood Orchestra is at the top of most orchestral VST lists. This extensive database includes Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Brass, Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds and Hollywood Orchestral Percussion. Hollywood Solo Cello, Hollywood Harp and Hollywood Solo Violin have just been added.

The user can purchase each individually, but can also subscribe to EastWest’s Composer Cloud to access these instruments at a highly competitive monthly fee. As the place where so many of the best film and TV soundtracks were recorded, EastWest Studio 1 in Hollywood is a revered place and exactly where the recordings were made in the Hollywood Orchestra. The product has won several industry awards that have received positive reviews from music publications around the world.

Miroslav Philharmonic Orchestra

Our last choice as the best VST instrument plugin for orchestra

For lovers of symphony orchestra music, Miroslav Philharmonic 2 is an excellent choice and one of the best plug-in products for orchestral instruments that a composer or musician should have. With Philharmonic 2, the user has access to music that is perfect and at the same time offers the human emotional element that so many recordings lack. Each instrument offers multiple articulations and the user chooses between an ensemble or a solo performance.

The Philharmonic 2 has a user-friendly interface with old-fashioned charm and ultra-modern quality. With so many editable functions, the workstation allows the user to customize and fine-tune sounds for perfect results, including tone, dynamics, modulation, reverb and delay. The 34 high-quality effects and over 2,700 instruments that cover the spectrum of symphony orchestral musical instruments have been recorded with so much attention to detail that each note gives something special to a piece of music.

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