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Teleworking has come to stay beyond COVID-19 and all kinds of companies, large and small, whose activity can be carried out partially or totally from home, are developing plans to promote it.

Not that it is a new phenomenon, but the increased use due to confinement by the coronavirus has shown an emerging reality that will be consolidated in the future according to all analysts. Just a recent statistic: 42% of the U.S. workforce now works full-time from home.

Teleworking offers great advantages if it is carried out effectively, such as avoiding the loss of time and costs to travel to a workplace, improvements in the reconciliation of personal and family life and other side effects, such as the reduction of traffic in big cities.

But there are also challenges for overcoming those that companies and workers are facing. Technical issues of locations, computer equipment or communications; cybersecurity or other deeper ones that have to do with labor and social relations.

Telework Guide

Aware of all this, our colleagues at MCPRO have prepared a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about teleworking. A document in electronic book format that includes all the resources you need to establish teleworking in your company, and that you can download completely free of charge.


What will you find in our guide?

  • Strategies to effectively implement telework.
  • Modalities, formats and teleworking equipment.
  • Secure teleworking: how to manage cybersecurity remotely.
  • Digital tools: software and applications.
  • How to improve efficiency in teleworking.

In short, a complete set of practical content and tools that will help you see telework in a different way. For their part, workers will not only discover how they can use their equipment effectively or how to protect the most confidential information, but they will also learn all kinds of habits and routines to be more productive when they work at home. Do not miss it!

Telework: the definitive guide, completely complete and totally free 31

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