The ultra-cheap Nokia 1 begins to update to Android 10

If there is a brand that usually complies well with updates, it is Nokia. In these months we have seen how the firm updated its phones to Android 10, including the cheapest models such as 2.3. Now it is the turn of one of the cheapest models that the brand launched in Spain, the Nokia 1.

The Nokia 1 arrived in stores in 2018, using Android Oreo in its Go version as operating system. The brand is now launching the second update of the operating system for this model, which is starting to update to Android 10. The update is already being officially deployed on this brand phone.

Android 10 for Nokia 1

It is unusual for a phone that hit stores with a price of around 100 euros to get two updates to the operating system, but this Nokia 1 becomes an exception. The brand launches the update for the phone in several phases, starting first in a few selected countries.

At the moment he stays in Southeast Asia, where it will be launched in countries such as India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand or Vietnam. Over the weeks, Android 10 will be released for this model in more countries, so you have to wait a bit for it to also arrive in Europe.

The update to Android 10 for this Nokia 1 it has a weight of 859 MB, as already confirmed. It also arrives with the July 2020 security patch, the latest available. Thanks to the update, the phone gets the improvements of Android 10, such as gesture navigation, dark mode or better privacy management.

Users in Europe with this phone will have to wait a little longer. The brand expects that on July 12 all users in this first phase have already received the update. Once this has happened, they are preparing to launch it in more markets, so it may take a couple of weeks to begin its deployment in Europe. As usual, it is launched using an OTA, so you just have to wait to receive the notification.

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