The update to MIUI 12 begins to arrive to the Xiaomi Mi 8


The performances of the Xiaomi customization layer usually reach many devices, a wide list among the large number of launches it makes throughout the year and also to models that carry a lot with us. On this occasion, the implementation of upgrade to MIUI 12 For a high-end Xiaomi that has been with us since 2018 and has taken several version jumps to get the latter as well, we refer to the Xiaomi Mi 8.

We cannot deny that Xiaomi’s work with this device is exemplary, because after having reached the market with Android 8.1 Oreo and MIUI 9, it has been receiving all the latest changes. This means that we will be able to enjoy all the news that the Xiaomi Mi 10 has among other models but in our Xiaomi Mi 8 with the hardware differences.

Changes and news of MIUI 12 in the Xiaomi Mi 8

This new update has already started to reach users in China in its stable version with a weight of 763 MB and software number V12.0.1.0.QEACNXM. It is expected that it will gradually expand and be released via OTA for users across Europe including Spain. A big change that will visually affect especially the already mythical xiaomi model. In the first screenshots that we can check with MIUI 12 we already see the aesthetic and functional changes of the new settings.

miui 12 xiaomi mi 8

MIUI 12 also has access to greater control of permissions and privacy, as well as customization options that appear on the camera. We can also use the new control center that is so reminiscent of the iOS one and that in this Xiaomi Mi 8 will also remind us of the iPhone X. Its novelties even slip into the lock screen by having an AMOLED screen where we will see more options in the Always On Display.

Android 11 will not arrive, and MIUI 13?

Although the arrival of this new version is good news, we also have to give a bad one and that is that the period of Android updates imposed by Xiaomi has come to an end. We will have MIUI 12 although without Android 10 inside. This will also possibly affect what is to come and we could run out of the next MIUI 13 at least officially in this model.

xiaomi mi 8

There is still a long way to go for this moment, practically a whole year and it is likely that they will renew their mobile phone for another before. However, it is always a dish of good taste to know that we have a mobile that enjoys the latest possibilities and in the case of Xiaomi it seems that updates are not a problem for them since they have many terminals of which they only have to copy. and replacing pieces of software.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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