The USB fans you needed to refresh your days wherever you want

There may be times when, while using your computer, you need a breath of fresh air, and you don’t need a big, heavy fan to do this. you can opt for a small and light USB fan that will give you a lot of relief if you’re having heat.

These USB fans are a great option for a small price, and will be able to make the heat somewhat more bearable, since, being located at the desk, the air will give you close up, improving your sensations and all for a very low price compared to traditional fans.


A small, quiet fan large enough to provide a good experience. It has a 360º rotation and a 1.2m cable. Also, It has protections so that you cannot catch your finger with the blades.

Fancii USB Fan

A fan that does not have a fan shape, with the most interesting aesthetics, and which also has an adjustable support to put it in different positions. Beyond this, the terminal has two twin blades and silent technology, so it won’t bother you if you’re working.

TedGem USB Fan

This USB fan has an aesthetic that attracts us a lot, minimalist and that also It has a fairly contained size that makes it seem one of the best options that there is right now. In addition, it also has 3 speeds.


LaHuKo USB Fan

This device is ideal to leave it in small spaces, since due to its compact size it will fit perfectly. It is a silent fan, with 360º rotation and it also has 3 different speeds. A good option for anyone.

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