The way you use the mobile determines your personality

Data collected from smartphone usage patterns can be used to predict four of the personality traits.

The world of smartphones is subject to diverse studies with which it is intended to know the interests and routines of users and the industry, such as 1 in 10 Americans has spent more than $ 1,000 on their latest mobile. This time, recent research from Princeton University has revealed that the way you use your mobile phone determine your personality.

The data collected from the usage patterns of a smartphone can be used to predict four of the personality traits of the big five – openness to new experiences, responsibility, extraversion, kindness and emotional instability-, according to this report. He Big Five model, also known as the OCEAN model, was first developed in the 1980s and is the most widely used and best established system in psychology for organizing a person’s personality traits.

OnePlus 7 Pro in use

The OnePlus 7 Pro in use by one person.

The Princeton University researchers have concluded with their research that the data they collected could partially predict four of the five major personality traits: openness to new experiences, responsibility, extraversion and emotional instability. However, they were unable to reliably determine friendliness, the remaining fifth trait.

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Collected data could partially predict four of the five major personality traits

Honor View 20 in use

Honor View 20 in use.

During the report, data was collected on users’ communication and social behavior, in addition to music consumption, application use, general smartphone activity, mobility, and activity levels, both day and night. The researchers have reflected, however, that some of these data streams were actually more useful than others, since, for example, the average level of the phone battery when it was not charging helps to predict the facet of “Love of order and a sense of duty”.

“The accuracy of these predictions is similar to that found for fingerprint-based predictions from social media platforms. [Esto] demonstrates the possibility of obtaining information about people’s private traits from behavioral patterns passively collected from their smartphones, ”the researchers commented.

A job that serves as “Harbinger of benefits and dangers” that presents the widespread use of behavioral data obtained from a smartphone. On the other hand, the researchers have also reflected as a positive point the ability to use these data in the hiring processes, instead of self-reported tests or questionnaires.

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