The WhatsApp app for iPad is almost ready


WhatsApp it evolves little by little, or rather very little by little. However. However, with its incorporation into the list of applications owned by Facebook, which also includes Instagram, for example. The fact is that the news is increasingly interesting and one of the most relevant is just around the corner.

There are indications that the WhatsApp application for iPadOS is now ready and will arrive with the multi-device service in the cloud. This would be the biggest leap WhatsApp has ever made in its history and we are all waiting for it.

This information has appeared in WABetaInfo, which is a web portal and Twitter account that informs about the WhatsApp beta code and those news that are constantly being released. The important thing is that finally we will be able to use WhatsApp independently, without using our device as a “server”, something like the operation of Facebook Messenger and Telegram today. This would make us much more independent when using WhatsApp on any type of device, even a wet dream for some “brands” that provide support from this same application.

Of course, the WhatsApp application for iPadOS will arrive just when the independent multi-device functionality arrives. I, and especially my current iPhone, would really appreciate being able to get home, leave our iPhone around and take advantage of the Handoff to use our iPad to have conversations on WhatsApp while we watch a video through PiP and read the Marca, a true and true wet dream. I at least look forward to this new independent WhatsApp application for the iPad like water in May, and I have no doubts that you will too, so we will keep you informed.

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