The wireless Samsung DeX would arrive with the Galaxy Note 20


With the arrival of Samsung DeX the accessory that allows us to use Samsung devices as if they were a computer on any screen, a world of possibilities was opened. Living in a world where cables are becoming somewhat more outdated, wireless technology becomes a desirable option and as we have learned about the Note 20 it could go further.

A developer of XDA Developers has found signs and information that shows us the arrival of a fully wireless mode through Samsung Tips. The images leave no room for doubt and open up many more possibilities in a feature that many users were wishing they could use.

The Galaxy Note 20 opens the door to the new Samsung DeX

Next August we will be able to know the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in full, but little by little leaks are happening that leave us its changes, which as we can know on this occasion not only affect the hardware, but also the software. In the screenshots we have been able to know the new Samsung DeX wireless from the hand of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra from the developer of XDA where a new mode has appeared that hides in the option that we are going to be able to use.

samsung galaxy note 20 samsung dex

This also lets us know that not just the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 You will be able to use Samsung DeX wireless, it could reach the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and possibly all the high-end models of at least this last year. The method to use it will be made much easier by direct integration in the shortcuts panel, giving us the option to choose the device where we want to send the total access to our mobile.

Greater control and options from any screen

This option shows us how the Samsung DeX mode will be integrated into any screen, not only the monitors or screens with the needs of the HDMI port and of course the accessory that allows us access. With this integration they will compete directly with other similar modes that we can find in Huawei through EMUI. The company itself already admitted that its intention was to integrate more options that would give usefulness to the devices and this could be one of them.

samsung pymes

The integration between different devices is becoming more important and the samsung ecosystem You don’t have to be left behind. This option would avoid having to depend on products of a specific brand and give the option to any computer or television even if it is not Samsung brand. Many doubts remain to be resolved even from this integration that would mark a before and after with the desired and expected Samsung Galaxy Note 20 that will add other extra functions with the S-Pen.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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