The Witcher and My Little Pony belong to the same universe – Fan proves it

In case you thought Marvel had the most ambitious crossover project, this Extended Universe will wipe the floor with the superheroes.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Image: CD Projekt Red / Hasbro

Perhaps the thought occurs to you during this story at one time or another “It’s a bit of a stretch”. Ignore it and get involved in this absurd and wonderful nerd theory.

Star Wars, The Witcher, My Little Pony, Lego, DC, Marvel, Disney and SonicAccording to a Reddit user, all of these franchises are related to one another via various crossovers, cameos and the like, so they form an extended universe.

But first: yes, you are right. The premise under which Lesion Main builds the whole thing is nonsense. According to him, Sam Fisher is the link, or the related event in Rainbow Six: Siege. At first glance, however, it quickly becomes clear: Sat Fisher is completely irrelevant to what is being put together here.

But the rest makes sense – if you get involved in the rules of this universe. So we actually get a connection between The Witcher and Star Wars.

The way is not even far. From The Witcher is it with Witcher Geralt in the game Soul Calibur 6 and from there to Soul Calibur 4 by doing Yoda and Vader were represented.

The Extended Universe that will end all other Extended Universes. (Image: Reddit)

It is much more complicated, however, such as connecting Bioshock to Starcraft. It will be a long journey:

From Bioshock from we end up at the game PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, a Big daddy is a character here, just like Kratos out God of War, which is also in Soul Calibur Broken Destiny was there. The way from Soul Calibur to Starwars we already know what we are known to be talking about Lego universe are.

Now comes the wild part: Scooby Doo is also available as Lego sets and in Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School meet Shaggy and Co. Godzilla. thanks to the Card sets Ikoria is Godzilla a part of Magic: The Gathering. Magic’s card set called Theros: Beyond death shares figures and cart with the Mythic Odysseys of Theros dungeons and dragons adventure. Another D&D adventure took himself Diablo 2 for template, with which as with Blizzard arrived and thus also at Starcraft.

Wasn’t that difficult, was it?

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For the connection of The Witcher and My little pony there is a similar path by the way. From Geralt, over Soul Calibur to Starwars and from there on via the stations Lego and Scooby Doo, up to Magic: The Gathering. There is with Ponies: The Galopping own My Little Pony Cards.

There is still one small point of criticism about the derivation. The part where it’s heading towards Disney and Kingdom Hearts does not work like that. Lesion Main is already using one outdated theory, after Tarzan and the sisters Elsa and Anna from Frozen are siblings. This theory has already been refuted, at the latest by the events of the second Frozen part. It becomes clear that Elsa and Anna’s parents’ ship is not the same ship that Tarzan’s parents ship with in the Congo.

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That I Marvel but yourself “Problem-free” in this theory adds and Disney heard, the connection is still given and only the derivation was wrong.

If this isn’t the most ambitious (unintended) crossover project of all time.

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