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The wonderful thread of the Amazon user who shares absurd opinions

by Tejas Dhawan

The wonderful thread of the Amazon user who shares absurd opinions

Surely more than once you have read or written a review of a product on Amazon. They usually help if you are hesitating when buying a product, and if you write it, you also help users who are going to buy it. But not all opinions are consistent, There are users who take the opportunity to write a funny or somewhat strange opinion.

A user on Twitter has shared a thread with the most absurd opinions on Amazon. From useless reviews to very very funny. The thread of @ _sk8la On Twitter, he has more than 50 thousand ‘Likes’ and more than 30 thousand retweets. It begins by showing an opinion about batteries, where the Amazon user rates the product with five stars and a headline: “Well, that, batteries.” The opinion continues to ask us if we are reading an opinion from a few batteries. That “they are stacks, piliean well”. He also invites us to go down to the supermarket to get some Serrano ham, cheese, a bottle of wine, and let’s stop reading his review.

Another user who bought a draft hoped it would erase that memory from 1998, but no. One user also called himself ambitious for buying a pack of 10 markers, that at most, she will spend 5 or 6. A shopper also bought a “Yo-Yo for children”, but was offended because she is 40 years old.

A buyer also confused a screen saver for their mobile phone with the Windows screen saver. He misses the Windows 95 ones. He comments: “There was one of some macaroons dancing the Macarena, nothing has been done at that level again.” Reason is not lacking.

Baby modeling set or a remote control vs a stick

My favorite review is that of a modeling set for the baby’s room. The user recommends in the review that it is only recommended to put your hand or foot so that the mark remains. “You can do it with your face too, but they take custody of you”he comments.

On the other hand, a buyer named Nacho García has chosen to buy a universal remote control for his TV, but in the review he decides to compare it with a stick. Conclusion? Nacho believes that a stick is better, which also does not waste batteries.

We don’t know how Amazon supports these reviews, as have somewhat complicated requirements for approval. But we hope to see more reviews of this style.

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