The Xiaomi Mi A3 is updated with the option to record calls


The smartphones of Xiaomi under Android One They are a success since its first model, which has made the latest Xiaomi Mi A3 follow in the footsteps of its predecessors. However, many of the users who make this Xiaomi are disappointed not to find natively with the option to record calls, something that luckily in the last update has been solved.

After asking for it a lot in the Xiaomi forums, users have achieved it, something that is also running in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 in all its variants by integrating the Google calling application across the European continent. This option was enabled and to make the recording we had to resort to external applications, which meant having one more app and taking up space unnecessarily.

The update that allows recording calls on the Xiaomi Mi A3

In this case we did not find errors in the updates, something that happened repeatedly until the Xiaomi company managed to bring Android 10 to this model. With the latest update that is coming to users with the security patch for the month of June. However, not all users have access to it, it is being phased out to different users in India and some in Europe.

record calls xiaomi mi a3

To check if we are one of the lucky ones we just have to go to Settings> System> Update and check it manually. After completing the update and making a call, we can see for ourselves that the button for record calls. The aesthetic aspect that we will find is very similar to what we had until now, the only thing that will now be the record button and then the button to stop recording.

Call recorder failures

Not everything was going to be good, the Android One continue with their problems since users who already have access to this function claim that after the call has ended and the file cannot be played. This minor bug could be fixed soon or even passed the file to a computer to try to play it with more advanced players. We hope it is fixed quickly for Xiaomi Mi A3 and the rest of models enjoy the option to record calls.

The Xiaomi Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite will also have it

xiaomi mi a2 lite blue

To satisfy the largest number of users, the company itself has stated in forums that it is already working to implement this function also in Xiaomi Mi A2 and in the Mi A2 Lite. In the next few weeks we should receive the same update with this option, having at our disposal in a very simple way the possibility of recording the calls we make or receive.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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