The Xiaomi Mi Band 4C can now be purchased in Spain

It is well known of Xiaomi’s habit of launching a multitude of different phone models every year, trying to fill every gap in the market. However, until 2020 it was common for it to launch a single smart bracelet every year.

We have seen the presentation in Spain of the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5, a bracelet that constitutes a rather interesting leap with respect to its previous model and that we have already analyzed.

But the company was not going to limit itself to a single model apparently and has launched in Europe the Redmi Band with another name: Xiaomi Mi Band 4C.

More comfortable charging and many functions

This bracelet tries to occupy a space located below that of the Mi Band 5. Despite that, many of the functions that we have seen in said device remain.

Among them, the sleep measurement, heart rate measurement, being able to control music playback from our mobile or receiving notifications and call alerts.

Obviously we don’t have a built-in speaker and microphones, which is very logical considering the price range in which we move.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4C is official: features, price ...

What we do have is a more comfortable charging system since it does not require a charger itself since part of the strap is removed to expose a USB male port that we can connect to a computer or charger.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4C can now be purchased in Spain

Although this product has not yet been announced in Spain we have found it in the subsidiary of our country of Amazon, at a price of € 19.90 and with Prime shipping, so if you have this subscription from the e-commerce giant you will not have to pay shipping costs and it will arrive at your home in less than 24 hours.