The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 does not count the steps well. Why?


When we all learned about the news of the Mi Band 5, we took it for granted that the count of the steps in the new Xiaomi bracelet would be better than that seen in the Mi Band 4, one of the great problems of that device. However, although it has improved slightly, the Mi Band 5 still miscounts the steps.

It is not that we say it, that we have also noticed it when using the bracelet, but that there are already several users who in the Xiaomi forums complain that the difference compared to what is seen with other measurement systems is too high.

Hi all
I have bought the Mi Band and I have been testing it for several days and in my opinion it has more steps than I do. Previously I had an iPhone 5s with the M7 coprocessor and the data that it gave me per day seemed more real than what the Mi Band is giving me.

Is there any way to calibrate it or to check if the data it gives is real … I have installed various software and firmware for the Mi Band … I can’t think of what else to do …


I bought the Mi Band 5 and I notice that it paces me without going to the corner xD. From what I saw it may be the accelerometer since, if you wave your arm fast, it will mark steps. My question is can it be calibrated?

screen mi band 5

An inaccurate step count

As you should know by now, the Mi Band 5 does not have an integrated GPS, which is what would allow us to measure the steps with greater accuracy. What the Xiaomi bracelet does is obtain this information through the accelerometer, a small device capable of recognizing vibrations and movements such as acceleration or gravity forces to which it is exposed.

Unfortunately, this sensor sometimes “gets confused” and may think that we are walking when in reality this is not the case. You can check it by doing some activity din moving but moving your arms with enough energy (if you want to think badly, you can do it).

Mi Band 5 settings

To avoid these “misunderstandings” the accelerometer to measure steps with the Mi Band 5 joins a gyroscope that allows us to know the position of our wrist at all times. In this way it allows us to know when we are standing and walking. However, if for example you are in a fixed position moving your arms (cooking, hanging a picture or playing ping pong) you will see how the step count increases even if you do not move from the site.

On some occasions, resetting the Mi Band to its factory state can help the step count to stabilize but most likely the problem will reproduce itself over time. Another good trick is to place the bracelet on the least dominant arm, that is, the one that moves the least. If you’re right-handed, put it on your left hand, and if you’re left-handed, put it on your right.

If you want a bracelet that measures your walks more accurately, the best thing to do is go for a GPS watch like the ones sold by Amazfit.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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