their versions and their price are filtered

The Galaxy Watch 3 will be one of the next smart watches from Samsung, confirmed by the brand itself a few weeks ago. Although we still do not know when this watch is going to be launched in Spain, these weeks we are having a large number of leaks on it. Since the design of the watch has been completely leaked.

These weeks we have also been able to know that there will be two different sizes of this Galaxy Watch 3 (41 mm and 45 mm). In fact, we have been able to see what the watch will look like in its smallest version. Now, we already know that there will be a total of nine different versions, in addition to their sale price being filtered.

The Galaxy Watch 3 will have nine modalities

It has been the well-known filter Evan Blass who has confirmed that the new Samsung watch is going to have nine versions or different modalities. Since there will be two different sizes of the Galaxy Watch 3, in addition to various colors. All this will allow users to choose the version they like best for each watch.

As you can see in the photo, the watch will have three colors (black, silver and rose gold / bronze). In addition, there will be versions of the watch with only Bluetooth, but there are also other LTE. So this makes the entire range present these nine different modes. It is not known if all of them will be put on sale globally, or if some versions will be limited to specific markets. At least it’s clear that there will be quite a few options to choose from.

Another detail that has revealed has been the possible price or price range of this new brand watch. The price of the watch would be between $ 400 and $ 600, which in euros would be between 355 and 534 euros. So it would be a remarkably expensive watch, although surely the most expensive versions of this Samsung watch are the LTE versions of it.

Galaxy Watch 3 bronze

In addition, it is commented that the Galaxy Watch 3 would be official this July. July 22 is mentioned as the date where this new Samsung watch would be featured. So far the brand has not said anything about the dates when it will present its new watches. We await confirmation soon.

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