There's a war on the App Store

Apple and Google feel betrayed and resort to drastic means – to be kicked out of the App Store. Millions of users of the bestseller app are offended. Just why? GIGA reveals the background to the current war in the App Store.


One would have expected it, the new war in the App Store has been planned for a long time. What happened? A few hours ago, Epic Games introduced a new in-app payment system for the bestseller Fortnite. Instead of using the Apple App Store, users could buy so-called “V-Bucks” directly from Epic Games, for example via PayPal. This is the required in-game currency. The reason for this is obvious: Epic Games would like to avoid payments to Apple, because they would otherwise receive a flat rate of 30 percent in the in-app purchases. But Epic doesn’t want to share and prefer to bag the users’ money directly. In order for them to have access, the price advantage is of course partially passed on to the users. So who would buy from Apple now?

Apple throws Fortnite out, Google follows suit: Epic reacts

The reaction from Apple was not long in coming, followed by the well-founded expulsion of Fortnite from the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Apple made a statement to MacRumors, in which it says: “Today Epic Games took the unfortunate step of violating the guidelines for the App Store, which apply to all developers and are intended to make the store safe for our users do. As a result, their Fortnite app was removed from the store. Epic has enabled a feature in its app that has not been reviewed or approved by Apple, with the express intention of violating the App Store’s In-App Payment Policies, which apply to any developer using digital goods or Services sold. “

With this spot, Epic wants to attract users to their side – a challenge to Apple:

A reaction that was expected at Epic Games, because shortly afterwards the well-known game developer filed a lawsuit against Apple and made it public. At its core is Apple’s monopoly, which, according to the US manufacturer Epic, exploits it to the detriment of the developer community. In short: there is a war in the App Store and the users have to suffer, remain outside and are shocked.

By the way: Google has since thrown Fortnite out of the Play Store. However, in contrast to Apple users, Android users have the option of installing such apps and games outside of the app store. Nevertheless: As a result, Epic Games is now suing Google, so there is a complete all-round blow.

What is not there:

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The propaganda battle has begun

Epic Games is setting even more fire with a new video. An allusion to Apple’s famous Mac commercial from 1984. “Big Brother” here is Apple itself, which enslaves users. Epic, on the other hand, presents itself as a freedom fighter and calls for resistance against the app store monopoly. Since such a video is not created “on the side”, the current dispute should have been prepared from beginning to end. The war plan works, the positions are occupied and there is an open exchange of blows. However, the outcome is still uncertain. Only the victims have already been determined: at the moment, it’s the app’s players.

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