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These advanced functions will reach your mid-range Samsung mobile

These advanced functions will reach your mid-range Samsung mobile

These advanced functions will reach your mid-range Samsung mobile

The South Korean company is betting very hard on the Samsung Galaxy A, a category of mobiles that stand out for their high performance at an affordable price. We see more and more high-end specs in these terminals, and new advanced features are coming soon. Samsung is rolling out an update that includes different improvements related to privacy and intelligence artificial. These are the ones that will reach your Samsung mobile.

The update is reaching two of the company’s most prominent devices, the Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 and will soon be available for other terminals. The new version of the firmware is being rolled out in India, but in the coming weeks it will be available for download in different markets, such as Spain. It arrives with the numbers A515FXXU3BTGF and A715FXXU2ATG for Galaxy A51 and A71 respectively. The size of the update is unknown.

Samsung has christened this update Ali Z Life, referring to the new smart and privacy features that come to these mid-range mobiles.

First, the Quick Switch function is added. This feature allows to change the mode of the main applications from public to private. For example, if we want to have a confidential WhatsApp conversation, we can switch to private mode, which is accessed by double pressing the power button and with our fingerprint, and chat. In this way, the conversation remains in private mode and will not appear in the normal version of the app. In addition, Samsung allows us to make a copy of the downloaded files or photos taken with the private mode in the secure folder.

Content suggestions and Gallery Zoom


Update notes on the Samsung Galaxy A51.

To access the secure folder we need to identify ourselves through our fingerprint, PIN code or face unlock. Within that app we can create more folders or even hide content. With the new update and thanks to artificial intelligence, the terminal is able to recognize what content is sensitive or confidential and automatically store it in the secure folder. In the update notes, Samsung emphasizes that this process is completely private, and that none of these files or related information is stored on the servers.

On the other hand, there are also news related to photography. Through artificial intelligence the gallery application will be able to improve the sharpness and quality of the images when we zoom. In this way, we can crop a photo and enlarge it without losing much quality.

Finally also small functions have been added in the Message apps. Among them, the possibility of seeing the transactions made with our cards.

How to update your mid-range Samsung mobile

galaxy a71

As I have commented, the update is coming to the Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy a71, but it is likely that it will soon be available for more mid-range devices. To update, just go to Settings> Device information> Software update. There you should check if the new version is already available.

This is an important update, so it is recommended to make a backup of your data. Also, you must have at least 50 percent battery, as well as enough space to download the update.

Via: SamMobile.

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