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MediaMarkt dedicates a whole week to the “Friendship Day” and ignites a real firework of offers. We looked at the combined and 2-for-1 deals, compared prices and summarized the most interesting bargains for you.

Update on July 30th, 2020:
Today is “Friendship Day” and with that it is tending MediaMarkt campaign to the end. Some bundle offers are already sold out, so we have updated our overview again and present you 5 deals with high savings, where you can still strike. However, the prices are only valid up to and including July 31 or while stocks last. Tip: If you sign up for the MediaMarkt newsletter, you can save another 10 euros (minimum order value of 100 euros).

MediaMarkt “Friendship Week”: This is how the campaign works

July 30th is “International Friendship Day”. MediaMarkt takes this day as an opportunity for a new one Discount campaign, which comes up with some curious 2-for-1 offers (for example, two TVs for the price of one). These are only worthwhile if you team up with relatives or friends.

The combination deals, on the other hand, are more interesting for individuals, because here you get a suitable addition to the product. We have compared prices and present you below the best bargains of the MediaMarkt campaign.

“Friendship Week” at MediaMarkt: You shouldn’t miss these 5 top deals

Note that the promotion only takes place online and the offer prices are only valid while stocks last, or until July 31, 2020. If you sign up for the MediaMarkt newsletter, you can save another 10 euros on each item (minimum order value of 100 euros).

MediaMarkt: More promotions

MediaMarkt runs parallel to the “Friendship Week” Coupon booklet campaign with some interesting offers as well.

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