These are the August highlights at Sky Ticket

The horror series “Lovecraft Country” in August on Sky Ticket

Sky has announced its program highlights for August. A lot of new series and films will also be released on Sky Ticket in the coming month.

In the series area, Sky is promoting the comedy series “Breeders”. According to station information, the “Sherlock” star Martin Freeman is struggling with the pitfalls of family life. The second season of the Sky Original production “Save Me” with Lennie James (“The Walking Dead”) is also in the starting blocks next month. In the thriller series, an alcohol addict tries to find his kidnapped daughter. The new sci-fi series “Devs” by Alex Garland can also be viewed via Sky Ticket via Fox. Garland is considered a master in its genre and has produced two hotly debated films in recent years, “Ex Machina” and “Extinction”.

For all film fans there is also replenishment at Sky Ticket. In August it can be seen how Margot Robbie becomes the action heroine “Harley Quinn” in the DC comic book adaptation “Birds of Prey”. Another action hero is now celebrating his farewell: In “Rambo: Last Blood” Sylvester Stallone takes on his old role again. In the fifth part of the “Rambo” series, the aging war veteran actually only wants to enjoy his retirement until he gets to deal with Mexican traffickers. Horror fans can also look forward to the “Shining” sequel to “Doctor Sleeps Awakening” or head back to the famous scary forest of “The Blair Witch Project”.

In the show area, Sky advertises the new cooking show “MasterChef Celebrity”. In it, eleven celebrities, including Beatrice Egli, Susi Kentikian and Hans Sarpei, will compete against each other. Meta Hiltebrand, Nelson Müller and Ralf Zacherl then act as jurors and assess the results.

Recently, films and series can be watched in a combined package via Sky Ticket for € 14.99 per month (DF reported). New customers can test the Sky Ticket in the first month with a 25 percent price advantage, as the broadcaster announced.

An overview of all Sky Ticket highlights in August

Series, shows and documentaries

  • Breeders, S 1 (4.8.)
  • High Maintenance, S 4 (4.8.)
  • Ancient Aliens – Unexplainable Phenomena, S 12 (4.8.) – History
  • Horror Trips – When travel becomes a nightmare, S 13 (5.8.) – Nat Geo
  • Upright, S 1 (11.8.) – Universal TV
  • Barkskins – Made of hard wood, S 1 (10.8.) – Nat Geo
  • Rick and Morty, S 4B (8/10) – TNT Comedy
  • Lovecraft Country S 1 (17.8., Original version)
  • Nurses, S 1 (August 17) – Universal TV
  • Lies that made history (8/17) – Spiegel Geschichte
  • Devs, S 1 (8/19) – Fox
  • The Shivering Truth, S 2 (Aug 20) – TNT Comedy
  • Muhammad Ali – Life of a Legend (8/22) – History
  • Madam Secretary S 6 (25.8.)
  • Robot Chicken, S 10 (25.8.) – TNT Comedy
  • Save Me, S 2 (27.8)
  • Mayans M.C., S 2 (28.8.)
  • Death in Paradise, S 9 (August 29)
  • MasterChef Celebrity S 1, (31.8.)
  • Making It S 1 (31.8.)


  • Beach Bum (from 1.8.)
  • Doctor Sleeps Awakening (from August 7th)
  • Enzo and the wondrous world of people (8.8.)
  • Ugly Dolls (9.8.)
  • Intrigo: Samaria (July 12)
  • Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey (8/14)
  • The Kill Team (8/15)
  • Bernadette (August 19)
  • After Passion (August 21)
  • Ready or Not – ready, dead (22.8.)
  • Grace (8/26)
  • Rambo: Last Blood (8/28)
  • Just Mercy (August 29)

further restarts

  • Sicario (2.8.)
  • The Blair Witch Project (3.8.)
  • John Wick (10.8.)
  • Tuvalu (11.8.)
  • Gate to Heaven (August 18)
  • Absurdistan (25.8.)
  • Two like bad luck and sulfur (8/27)

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  • lovecraftcountry: obs / Sky Germany / Photo: © 2020 Home Box Office, In

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