These are the best apps to make the shopping list

These are the best applications for mobile devices to make a perfectly useful shopping list.

In Google Play there are a large number of applications of all kinds, such as the one that allows you translate real-world objects to Photoshop by taking a photo or others that offer you the possibility of create your own deepfakes. But there are also others that make day-to-day more bearable, such as when shopping. A tedious task but that is easier if you have the best apps to make the shopping list.

Shopping is not a fun task, even in many occasions it is even lazy. But to make this activity easier, app stores have a number of apps to make the list easier and more direct, although it does not mean that you always have to look at what food you are missing at home or what you have left in the pantry. If you plan to make a purchase soon, be sure to take a look at these applications to achieve a perfect shopping list.

Dark theme on Google Play Store

Google Play in dark mode on an Android smartphone.

If you like to optimize your time to the maximum and reach the purchase with an organized list, you can always try these applications to make a perfect list and thus forget having to buy blindly or improvise on the purchase. Then we leave you with the best apps to make the shopping list and what you should try.

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Mealime is an application that is available for both iOS and Android and its objective is that users can plan meals in a simpler way. To do this, it prepares dishes using recipes with the shopping list itself, so this list is generated practically automatically depending on what you are going to cook. It also has a tab in which to organize a calendar with lunch and dinner, and another to manage what needs to be purchased. In this way the user controls everything you should buy and what you will eat each week.

Shopping List – Listonic

Shopping List - Listonic

Shopping List – Listonic, one of the best app to make the purchase.

Listonic is one of the easiest shopping list apps you can find. With a minimalist and simple design, with this app you only need to write what you need to buy, but you can also share the lists to not buy alone. You can even activate automatic suggestions or indicate by voice what needs to be purchased to create a list that is automatically organized into categories. You can even include photographs of each product to buy and add prices if required.


With Bring! time, money and energy are saved when organize purchases, or at least that is what their managers indicate. Available for both Android and iOS devices, Bring! allows to organize the shopping list of simple and graphic wayIt even offers shared lists and recipes to make shopping easier. To create a shopping list, all you have to do is select the icons of the products, and it also has a wide catalog.

Shopping list

Shopping list

Shopping List, one of the options to try.

Finally, we recommend Shopping List, an application that makes organizing these lists easier and stands out for having a minimalist, intuitive and easy to use design. Also, you can always save lists and share them via SMS, email or WhatsApp, among other options.

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