These are the best smart bulbs to light up your home

Control the lighting in your home without the slightest effort, just with your voice.

A smart light bulb will allow you to control lighting your home with your voice. With the help of assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri You can turn lights on and off, modify intensity, even change between different colors.

They do not require a complicated installation, most come with an application in which you can configure all the parameters to your liking. We bring you a selection with different options of smart bulbs that may be perfect for you.


TVLIVE bulbs are compatible with Alexa – Amazon’s assistant – and Google Assistant. Thanks to its application, which you can download on Android and iOS, you will have all the customization options at your fingertips. Turn the light on or off, change the intensity and choose from a wide variety of colors.

Philips Hue LED

Philips Hue bulbs They are one of the most popular and come accompanied by Alexa and the Google Assistant. Pairing with each other via Bluetooth, you can control up to 10 bulbs simultaneously, varying color, intensity and creating perfect lighting for each moment.

Xiaomi Yeelight 1S

Xiaomi also has a range of smart bulbs. This is the second version of his first hit that comes to improve transition quality between colors, or their lighting, going from 600 to 800 lumens of light intensity. Yeelight has its own app or you can use the My Home app to control and program its on and off.

TP-Link Smart Light Bulb

Alexa and Google Assistant will take care of regulate the intensity, turn on and off, or change the color of these bulbs. You can even automate processes with the help of IFTTT. It is fully adjustable, you can choose the intensity you like the most, from 0% to 100%. Thanks to the different intensities and colors you will have the possibility to create hundreds of different environments.

LE LED bulb

16 million colors they hide in these little LED bulbs. Take control with the help of Google Assistant and Alexa and start creating the best environments in your home. They come with a variable intensity between 0% and 100%, you can adjust its brightness with great precision so that it is always perfect.

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