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These are the best smart travel bags for this summer

These are the best smart travel bags for this summer

These are the best smart travel bags for this summer

The Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay. Today, few items do not have a smart function among their features. We have everything: refrigerators, TVs, ovens, light bulbs … and even suitcases.

The latter, the smart suitcases, have already been with us for three years. Since then, they have been adding features to make them an indispensable complement for those who travel frequently given its great versatility.

Most offer different types of connections together with other complementary options, such as an anti-theft function. So, if in these months you are thinking of moving somewhere, either for work or vacation (hopefully the latter), perhaps this is an interesting option for you.

Therefore, we have selected the 10 best smart suitcases for this summer. Hopefully our recommendations make your life easier and make your trips anywhere easier. We started!

Hey em one

Jey & Em One

The first reference on the list draws attention for its aesthetics, with a futuristic pattern of straight lines that leaves no one indifferent. You have several connection options through your different ports to charge various devices at once.

Also, It also has two Bluetooth trackers, one for the suitcase itself and another for the computer in case of loss.

Finally, it has a laptop sleeve on the front of the suitcase easily and comfortably.

ONE is available on the firm’s own website upon request for little more than 300 euros.


Rollogo Escape S

Rollogo Escape S, is a hand luggage with built-in charger. In fact, this model is designed to generate the energy it consumes, that is, it recharges its battery. But how is this possible? Very easy, your four wheels are connected to generators that keep the powerbank charged.

With just 10 minutes of walking, we will have enough energy to talk on the mobile a good time. Now, if you prefer to charge your battery by connecting it to the power directly, you can remove it without problem.

In addition to the powerbank option, the case comes with two USB ports to connect two devices at the same time, and incorporates Bluetooth technology to synchronize with the mobile and know the level of charge available when we want.

To get a Rollogo Escape S, just visit the official website of the product and pay 670 euros.



Another suitcase that goes on wheels. Although in this case, it is not about its star function. What’s more, you can forget you’re wearing it because it is equipped with artificial intelligence and an advanced sensor system that allows you to overcome all kinds of obstacles.

It has up to five cameras and a sophisticated tracking system based on an algorithm capable of predicting the movement of people around it. In this way, Ovis can calculate distances in real time and correct course to avoid any collisions. Almost nothing.

It can reach up to 10 km / hour, and it has enough autonomy to travel 20 km without recharging. Obviously, we can always resort to the traditional method and carry it manually by its handle.

Its anti-theft function integrates a GPS system to have it located at all times through a mobile application, in addition to an alarm that alerts us if it moves away more than 2 meters from us.

Also comes with removable battery and two USB outputs to recharge any device that we carry with us.

Ovis is available for 540 euros through the product website.

My Supercase

We are before the first electric weightless suitcase nothing less. This suitcase incorporates a motor inside to move luggage comfortably through the street or the airport.

Its design is quite futuristic, with a predominance of white and free of ornaments. In its lower part we can find their two wheels that absorb any impact and facilitate their mobility on any surface or slope.

It has a series of sensors that make the suitcase synchronize with the user in real time. This way we will not have to worry about the speed that the suitcase reaches, since it will always follow our step. Even if we load it to the maximum of its capacity (28Kg) it will continue our rhythm without problem.

With regard to its anti-theft functions, it has an automatic locking function using BlueTooth, and even a GPS tracking system.

Depending on what size you choose, the price of the models My Supercase range from 310 and 540 euros. Orders are made through the web Indiegogo.

Away Carry On

Away Carry On

The suitcases of the house Away Carry On are made of highly resistant lightweight polycarbonate. They are available in two different versions: cabin size and hold size, so depending on whether you are going to make a long or short trip you can choose between one or the other.

In addition, they come equipped with 8 wheels with 360 degree swivel and TSA lock to reinforce security and prevent its opening. But without a doubt, its star function is its compression system that facilitates the introduction of whatever garments, utensils and devices we have at hand.

Regarding the rest of the functionalities, we will also find a removable battery with three USB portsas well as a 37W battery under the handle.

It is available on the manufacturer’s own website with a price from 245 euros.

So far our review of the best smart suitcases, an ideal complement for your trips with growth opportunities that have yet to be seen. In the coming years we will witness innovations and new models within this sector that will make its offer even more attractive, as well as much more varied.

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