These are the conditions for an app to be set as default in iOS 14

The news around iOS and iPadOS 14 were unveiled at the opening of the National Apple Developer Conference. In the presentation, we were able to see touches of the novelties of these new operating systems. However, much of the news remained hidden in the developer betas themselves that Apple made available minutes after the end of the presentation. One of those features was the ability to turn a third-party app into default application in the entire operating system. Appl has published the guide where it shows what are the requirements for an app to be default on iOS and iPadOS 14.

Conditions to change the default browser and email on iOS and iPadOS 14

In iOS 14 and later, users can select an app to be their default web browser or email app. To make a choice for your application, confirm that you meet the requirements below, then apply for a managed right.

These are the first lines of the developer guide to prepare the mail apps and browsers to become default applications in new operating systems. In this way, Google Chrome could become the default browser, while Gmail could become the default mail app. As long as they comply with the regulations stipulated by Apple.

Regarding the web browsers, Apple assures that it needs certain requirements of the applications that try to undo Safari for a single purpose:

[…] meet specific functional criteria to protect user privacy and ensure adequate access to Internet resources.

Regarding technical requirements, Apple requires the following points:

  • Integrate HTTP and HTTPS in the Info.plist file
  • Don’t use any UIWebView element
  • When the app is launched, a text field needs to appear to enter a URL, search tools, or bookmark lists

When the application is launched when opening a URL:

  • Required content will be displayed
  • May present ‘safe browsing’ or other warning to avoid phishing or other problems

Regarding the email applications they must meet three requirements:

  • Set mailto schema: in Info.plist file
  • To be able to send a message to any valid email
  • You can receive emails from any recipient

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