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These are the new Lenovo services for SMEs to work safely with Microsoft 365

These are the new Lenovo services for SMEs to work safely with Microsoft 365

These are the new Lenovo services for SMEs to work safely with Microsoft 365

The digital transformation at work, the great pending task for small and medium-sized companies for years, is accelerating with the coronavirus pandemic that affects countries around the world.

Technology is always there to help us, which is why Lenovo has announced a new service package called Lenovo Managed Services, specially designed to Get the most out of the power and productivity of Microsoft 365 within the environment of SMEs.

This new suite will be offered through the direct sales to brand channel partners, and will allow companies to be more productive thanks to the benefits offered by cloud services. This will mean a more reliable and smooth collaboration for the workers of these companies, in addition to a higher level of security against any possible event that may jeopardize your most sensitive data.

Managed services in the cloud

Lenovo’s new offering consists of two services: CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) Managed Services, a base offering with more limited functions, and Endpoint Managed Services, which includes the entire portfolio of Lenovo Managed Services security and support services without restrictions.

The first option, CSP Managed Services, allows companies’ IT staff to free themselves from maintenance and support tasks when managing Microsoft 365 tools. In this way, Lenovo will manage all accounts under a company’s Microsoft 365 license, through cloud management, as well as offering 24/7 problem solving support.

As for the advanced option Endpoint Managed Services, it is a truly more complete offer, since it includes the services of CSP Managed Services plus other new security and support features.

Customers will be able to automatically enroll their devices in the Lenovo management and security service. Not only that, but they will also be able to access the Endpoint 360 ° Dashboard, to easily and easily check the status of their fleet of devices.

Others Premium features included in the Endpoint Managed Services package They are Lenovo’s VIP Repair Support, Premier Support and Premium Care, as well as their Accidental Damage Protection service for Lenovo computers.

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