These are the news coming to Wear OS

At the beginning of this week the news that Google is going to introduce in Android Auto, present in many cars in Spain, are confirmed. Other operating system present in many devices in Spain is Wear OS, the operating system for smart watches. An operating system that is going to receive a series of new functions officially.

After Android TV and Android Auto, it is the turn now that Google announce improvements or news to be released on Wear OS. The company has announced this series of new features so that we already know what to expect in this next version of it.

Wear OS will improve your performance

In the OTA that will be launched this fall, Google will improve performance on Wear OS. The launch of applications and access to information will be much faster. To make this possible, the company is simplifying the linking process to facilitate this.

Improvements in the CPU core will cause an improvement of up to 20% in startup speed of your applications. So they will open faster on your watch. Additionally, Google continues to bring new features to technologies such as LTE and is looking to expand its support to Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 and 4100+ processors. The brand introduces a new support for the processor, which seeks better energy efficiency and higher performance.

More information on screen

Wear OS new weather information

The information displayed on the screen of the clock is something important, as they say from Google. For this reason, the next version of Wear OS seeks to change the way this information is displayed, betting on displaying important information on the watch screen. Since they want it to be easier to be able to read this information on the screen, especially when you are moving.

Along with this, Google will introduce a new weather experience in Wear OS. This change seeks to make it easier to see the weather information at any time, also including an update or summary every hour, where you are informed of the weather forecast, so that you can take this into consideration in your plans. Also in case of important alerts in your area, the watch will warn you.

Google wanted to end by celebrating the arrival of new brands to the Wear OS family. Brands such as Xiaomi, Suunto and OPPO, which recently launched its watch, are betting on this operating system. So they contribute to its growth in the market. This update is expected to be released in the fall, although no dates have been given.

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