These are the news of iOS 14 Beta 3

Apple has released the third beta of iOs 14, as well as iPadOS, along with those of watchOS 7 and macOS 11 Big Sur. In these new versions it continues to polish errors in addition to some aesthetic changes, among which are new widgets and a new icon for the Music app. We tell you all the changes below.

Apple continues to polish iOs 14 to launch after the summer, and has already released the third beta for developers. In it, it has fixed some errors of the previous betas, although it continues to recognize some errors. Also includes some cosmetic changes, such as new widgets for the Clock app, which we can now include on our home screen with three sizes, so that we can know the weather in different areas of the world from our springboard, without having to open the application.

As we can see in the header image, The icon of the Music application has also changed, recovering the design that we could already see in iOS 7 and iOS 8, although with a softer gradient, thus leaving the icon with a white background and the music lyrics in a color gradient. You have also modified the Music widget, which now offers a colorful, red background, the same as the icon background now has. We can also see some tweaks to icons within the Music application.

With watchOS 7, a handwashing function is included, which automatically detects when we are washing our hands to launch a 20-second countdown that alerts us when it is finished to know that we have washed them correctly. Now inside the Apple Watch app of iOS 14 we can set a reminder to let us know if after a few minutes of getting home we haven’t washed our hands.

Some details have also been changed in the Memoji masks, in the Time of Use widget, and there are new windows that appear when you add a widget for the first time, or rearrange your springboard. And bad news for iPhone users with 3D Touch: in this Beta 3 it is temporarily disabled, but only temporarily, for now. If the Haptic touch continues to work (proclaim for several seconds). If new developments appear we will tell you right here.

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