These are the next Android TV improvements

Android TV is one of the most successful aspects of Android in Spain, being available on smart televisions, devices such as the Mi Box S or the Nvidia Shield TV Pro, as well as television devices from some operators.

This version optimized for televisions will also have its improvements in its next version of Android, and in the 11 weeks of Android Google has detailed what will be the next key improvements of the version of Android destined for the big screen of your home.

Android TV and its next improvements

Google has announced the improvements through which an application or game developer can get the most out of Android and all its news. Although some improvements are very specific for development (and we recommend you read the article) there are 3 new functions that affect us directly and will improve our user experience.

The first of these is the arrival of instant applications on television. These applications are capable of working without the need for us to download them from Google Play. The purpose of these instant applications is to be able to test an application before installing it.

A key improvement in the interaction with the applications is the new GBoard. The current keyboard leaves a lot to be desired and the new GBoard changes that completely, with a new interface and features like voice dictation and predictive text.

With video games in mind, Google has added an automatic low latency mode. This mode is simpler than it seems, and it is simply capable of disabling any type of processing that our television has when we open certain apps or games. These processes, which are usually focused on image quality, tend to have an impact on latency, so deactivating it helps to make our gaming experience more natural.

These improvements, among many others, should come alongside the deployment of Android 11 for Android TV in the coming months.

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