These are the next improvements of Android Auto and Android Automotive

Android Auto has been with us for years and is present in millions of cars throughout the world, with several compatible models in Spain. Google continues to improve this system for cars while working together in Android Automotive, a new system that brings the Android TV experience to the car without having to connect the mobile.

If yesterday we knew about some of the improvements that will come to Android TV, today we review some of the improvements that Google has been working on for its systems for automobiles.

Android Auto will have new settings and calendar synchronization

Google has announced small news for Android Auto, the system that is currently found in cars and that requires a connection with a smartphone. From now on it will be more capable, and Google has announced important changes.

The first of these are agreements and collaborations with various app developers and the creation of new categories, such as navigation, parking or charging of electric vehicles. These applications will use a new API that Google will open soon to more developers.

In addition to the applications, Android Auto will have a calendar and a settings application, from which we can fully customize our user experience.

Now it will be easier to create applications for Android Automotive

In addition to the changes to Android Auto, Google wants to make it easier for developers to create applications for Android Automotive, the operating system for cars that works independently.

Following the release of the Polestar 2, the first car with Android Automotive, Google has created a factory image for the Android Studio emulator, as not all developers can afford to buy a $ 60,000 car for testing on a real device.

In addition to the emulator, Google offers development guides so that anyone can adapt their applications to this new system that, although it does not yet have a large audience, is increasingly supported by more car manufacturers.

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