These are the novelties of the Magnifier function in iOS 14

Apple’s operating systems dedicate a significant portion of their configurations to accessibility. Providing useful devices and operating systems to people who cannot use them one hundred percent is essential for the big apple, adapting operating systems by adding accessibility features. We have already talked about a new one in iOS 14 such as the possibility of automatically recognizing sounds. However, today we talk about Magnifying glass, a tool that already existed in previous updates, but in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 it has been updated receiving a new option and a slight redesign of its graphical interface.

Redesign and new functions in the Magnifier of iOS and iPadOS 14

The Magnifier function turns the iPhone or iPad into a magnifying glass to magnify the objects in your environment.

The magnifying glass It is intended for people whose near visibility is very low and require a system capable of expanding what they want to read in order to read it correctly. The iPhone or iPad is a fundamental device for these people, if they have it on them, because they are capable of increasing part of the image captured by the camera. Also, you can modify the brightness and contrast, in addition to being able to add filters depending on the pathology of the user.

The magnifying glass function in iOS 14 (also iPadOS 14) has undergone a slight redesign incorporating all the settings in the same element. When we call the tool, we have a menu that in its upper part has the magnifying glass to be able to increase or decrease the magnification of the image. At the bottom, we see three icons that allow us to call a secondary menu: brightness, contrast and filters. When we click on each of them.

As to new functions we have to welcome multiple shots. This function will allow us to capture different images, for example of a menu from a restaurant. In this way we can see them later without having to save them on our reel since the magnifying glass does not save the images on our device unless we specify it.

Apple has also reflected on how to launch the magnifying glass on iOS and iPadOS. To launch it you have to press three times on the power button of iPhones or iPads without a Home button or three times on the Home button with devices that do have it. Also, we can add a widget in the control center. However, Now the magnifying glass can be added as an application directly when we activate the function.

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