these are the privacy charges against the social network

TikTok is not having its best time, several governments accuse the application of being spyware.

TikTok, one of the most popular social networks worldwide, would be a tool for the Chinese government to spy on a global scale, they assure from Anonymous. On the other hand, the US government has made its concern clear by ensuring that they are shuffling “The application of vetoes and prohibitions of Chinese applications that are social networks”.

The short video platform is in the spotlight for its possible relationship with the Communist Party of China and has already been withdrawn from app stores in countries as important as India. How far do the permissions we give to the application go? Is it really violating our privacy?

TikTok, Google Play Best of 2018

TikTok is one of the fastest growing networks.

What is TikTok accused of?

Anonymous Twitter account has responded to a post that mentioned information from Reddit. In it, a user claimed to have entered the depths of the application to check how dangerous it is. According to the same, the application of Chinese origin would be accessing all kinds of data, like our smartphone model, the applications you use, if the device is found rooted, even some related to location.

For now there is no way to know if all the above is real, nor has there been any statement by TikTok. However, and as we have previously pointed out, From Anonymous they talk about a malware designed to spy on millions of users around the world. Behind it would be the Chinese government.

There is something to keep in mind, and that is that Anonymous publications, no matter how popular they have become in recent weeks, should always be taken with tweezers. They do not cease to be what they are, in many cases, statements without any kind of proof or foundation.

Hong Kong, United States … the ban is imminent

Featured TikTok

TikTok could have its days numbered in the United States.

India was the first country to remove TikTok from the Android and iOS app stores and it will not be the last. Several governments want to put limits on the social network. In Hong Kong has just entered into force a National Security Law aimed at controlling the population, and taking into account the complicated situation that the Asian region has suffered for months, things could get worse.

TikTok would be unavailable in Hong Kong imminently, as anticipated by one of the spokesmen for the application in a statement to the South China Morning Post.

Following recent events, we have decided to end operations of the TikTok app in Hong Kong.

In the end, whatever the country, it all translates into the same thing: TikTok would be operating under the direct control of Beijing, violating the privacy of users around the world. Those responsible for the application have already defended themselves on more than one occasion, emphasizing that they even have an American CEO, Kevin Mayer.

What happened with Huawei was only the beginning, different countries have set their sights on China and its technology companies could experience numerous restrictions in the near future. The hardest hit could come from the United States if, finally, they decide to put barriers to any social network arriving from the Asian country.

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