These are the two safest Android phones

Updates are just as important as a phone’s hardware or camera. So if you are looking for the smartphones with the best support and updates, Google and Samsung are the best option.

When choosing a smartphone it is true that we always look at its hardware, the design, the photographic section or the amount of mAh that its battery has, but unfortunately we always leave aside an aspect that is just as important: the support that the brand gives it or what is the same, the number of updates it receives.

This is the point to improve by Android since direct competition such as Apple, has a much better update policy. But what are the best supported Android phones? Which phones are the safest in 2020? Without a doubt today they are the Google Pixel 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Google and Samsung: because updates are also important

Pixel 4 XL, back white

The Google Pixel 4 not only has good performance and a great camera, but also has the best update support

There is no doubt that Google is the firm with the best update policy on the market. If Pixel phones have something good – in addition to their camera and their performance – it is undoubtedly the amount of updates they receive, not only in the form of new versions of the operating system but also in terms of security patches. Therefore, if you are looking for a phone that, in addition to going well and having a magnificent camera, has frequent updates, your best option is the Google Pixel 4.

Now, Google is not alone in this. Because Samsung, the South Korean company that has never been known for giving good support to its terminals, has become one of the companies that pamper its devices the most. To give an example, your Samsung Galaxy S7 has continued to receive security patches until 4 years after its launch. Therefore, if you are looking for a device that is top in hardware, with an outstanding design and that also its manufacturer does not I will abandon him in the coming months, the Galaxy S20 family is one of your best choices.

Of course if you don’t want to spend so much money there are other alternatives such as acquiring a high range from previous years -the S10 is a very good option- or go to a cheap Pixel such as the Pixel 3a. If not and against all odds, you can also buy a Nokia phone, one of the firms that offer the most updates and fastest to their devices.

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