These brands of mobile last longer than the rest (and no, Apple is not there)

A study carried out by the Organization of Consumers in Spain reports the most reliable devices and the electronic brands that suffer the least damage … Do you want to know which are the most recommended mobiles for the satisfaction of their users?

We’ve all had that feeling that Previous electronic devices and appliances lasted much longer than the modern ones, and it is that the scheduled obsolescence It is that taboo of the industry that no major actor wants to touch although we all believe to a greater or lesser extent that it certainly exists and is there.

In a market also as volatile as that of smartphones, where the renewal periods of the devices are so short, the truth is that this gap is sharpened much more taking into account not only the hardware and its possible breakdowns, but also software and lack of updates sometimes because many manufacturers abandon their old terminals giving priority to newer ones.

A girl with Apple AirPods

Scheduled obsolescence is an industry taboo, but most of us think that new ‘gadgets’ actually last less.

In any case, the Consumer Organization continues working to improve and monitor the quality of devices that we bought, and today brings us an interesting study based on more than 37,000 opinions, where brings us the most reliable electronic products and manufacturers of the moment in each category.

User satisfaction and device reliability are not always variables that we take into account when choosing a new smartphone, but the OCU comes to the rescue with this study that measures the most reliable manufacturers and the ones with the fewest breakdowns in the electronics market

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Three mobiles on a table

The user experience is always a good catalyst to know the acceptance of a certain manufacturer

OPPO, OnePlus and Xiaomi, on the podium to the satisfaction of its users

The OCU says that user experience is not always taken into account and that is something very true, although it effectively allows us to know which electronic firms have a greater user acceptance in terms of breakdowns, experience and reliability with devices.

In this case, a more satisfied user will play as a brand evangelist, and the experience of more than 37,000 users in Spain, Belgium, France, Italy and Portugal probably works as a reliable sample of the best valued brands in the consumer electronics sector.

Right now we present you the infographic published by the Organization of Consumers, which leaves Chinese manufacturers in a very good place, but it should be first clarified that the reliability by brand has been calculated manually in a scale of 1 to 5 stars according to the responses of the interviewed users, taking into account the number of faults, their severity and the relevance for the operation and experience with the device.

OCU infographic with the most reliable devices

These are the most reliable manufacturers on the market in each sector, according to the OCU

Obviously it is subjective, because the satisfaction of one is not comparable to that of another given the different experiences, but with 37,000 opinions, the sample is surely representative enough to see and value OPPO, OnePlus and Xiaomi registering the highest reliability and satisfaction rates, something that will surely surprise many without Samsung or Apple appearing in the photo.

Google is fourth with its Pixel devices Despite the low penetration of its terminals in the European market, and the fifth position is for a Honor spin-off Huawei and also of Chinese origin, which chooses to target the younger audience with online sales and more competitive prices using the well-known Huawei platforms and their mobile phones from the P and Mate ranges.

Without a doubt the ranking it’s curious, perhaps motivated by the higher sales of Chinese manufacturers in recent times, which are the ones that dominate the average ranges and the most attractive price ranges, also taking into account that the survey has revealed that more than 90% of Spaniards have a smartphone owned or more than one, and are usually mobile around 500 euros on average.

It is also argued that change periods are between one and two years, closer to two years, and that the more affordable range products, where OnePlus stands out with its flagship killers and Xiaomi has always competed very well. It is also remarkable that the most common fault and the most common reason for change is battery failure, especially on Apple mobiles – eye to the data – and also Wiko and Alcatel.

Between the tablets changeover times are longer and here Xiaomi stands out with an Apple that recovers privileged positions asserting the hegemony of their iPad, with Chuwi, Amazon and LG also in the top five. Also the battery is the most common fault in tablets, in this case in Airis, Archos and Carrefour, with the display the charger or the connectors highlighted in number of failures.

The study includes more types of products, and certainly reveals some more than expected data Although it does not cease to amaze me that Apple does not have its iPhone among the most reliable and best valued phones. Perhaps it was true that the batteries used by those of Cupertino failed too much in their smartphones, especially since the autonomy in certain Apple models was already very limited. What opinion do you have about it? Do you agree with the OCU study?

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