These Bravia televisions from Sony are a perfect match for the game console

Which TVs are best for the PlayStation 5? When it comes to Sony, it’s mostly the in-house Bravia TVs. A seal labeled “Ready for PlayStation 5” is designed to help gamers find the right TV for their console. It starts with the Bravia XH90 and ZH8 models.

PlayStation 5

Sony Bravia: Perfect for the PlayStation 5

Sony has thought about which TVs the upcoming PlayStation 5 console works best with. Under the slogan “Ready for PlayStation 5”, customers will be able to easily recognize in the future whether the respective television will fit the game console: “(The slogan) should make it easier for consumers to anticipate the optimal television with regard to the start of the PlayStation 5 Gaming. The next generation game console will hit the market in the 2020 Christmas season. ”

In order to be awarded “Ready for PlayStation 5”, televisions must support a special game mode in which the input delay is reduced to a minimum. The PlayStation 5 should be able to be controlled via the remote control of the TV and the controller of the console should also be able to bring the television itself out of sleep mode.

The console is said to work particularly well with the Bravia models XH90 and ZH8. The Bravia XH90 offers a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels and an input delay of 7.2 milliseconds. The frame rate is 120 frames per second to make gaming even smoother. In order to use this, an update of the firmware must first be installed. The update is not yet available.

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Sony Bravia ZH8: 8K for PlayStation 5

With an 8K resolution, the Sony Bravia ZH8 would like to recommend for use with the PlayStation 5. How much the extremely high resolution is used in the game console remains to be seen. Features such as a variable refresh rate (VRR) and HDMI 2.1 are added to the television.

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The manufacturer has not yet revealed exactly when the PlayStation 5 will be launched. An appointment is currently expected at the end of 2020. Of course, TVs that have not been awarded “Ready for PlayStation 5” can also be used in conjunction with the console.

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