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These LG headphones arrive wirelessly and bacteria-free

These LG headphones arrive wirelessly and bacteria-free

These LG headphones arrive wirelessly and bacteria-free

What would become of us in this time of pandemic if we did not have wireless headphones. Can you imagine putting on and taking off your mask with wired headphones? Well, LG goes one step further in this matter of listening to music and being healthy. That is why it has launched LG Tone Free, which not only stand out for offering good sound quality in their small body, but also boast a transport box. A place where they cleanse themselves of bacteria.

LG UVnano Case

The key to these headphones is their proposal to keep them clean at all times. And it is that the cover in which they are carried, in addition to giving them up to 12 hours of autonomy, also cleans them with ultraviolet technology. And it has a sensor that detects batteries and applies a 10 minute cleanse that removes 99% of bacteria that may have been left in the headphones from normal use.

This cleaning kills dirt and bacteria, but don’t look for LG’s UVnano case to protect you from COVID-19. There are currently no studies demonstrating the reliability of using UV light to get rid of coronavirus proteins. What has been proven is that this cleaning reduces the presence of Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli in the headphones. Bacteria and also dirt that can end up in our ear canals. And that this cover is responsible for removing.

LG Tone Free

And what about the sound

Beyond this cleaning feature, LG has worked with Meridian Audio to endow headphones with sound quality. Therefore they work on the HSP (Headphone Spatial Processing) technology and DSP processing, which offers the same sensations and experience as headphones in use. They are also not lacking hardware, since they include two microphones to be able to collect the user’s voice during a call and isolate it from the noise of the environment, even when you are surrounded by people. So the sound promises to fulfill both to listen to music quietly, to take calls and speak in any situation.

Of course they have touch control not only to play music, skip songs, pause playback or take calls. You can also interact with the Google Assistant or Siri, depending on the phone you pair these headphones with. By the way, the connection is by Bluetooth 5.0.

As for autonomy, the headphones have 55 mAh batteries that offer about 6 hours of continuous use. The case, in addition to cleaning them, recharges them with its 390 mAh battery, which adds another 12 hours. A total of 18 hours of autonomy between headphones and transport box. By the way, five minutes of charge offer a range of up to one hour.

All this, in addition, offering a IPX4 protection that allows them to be used for sports or even in rain, since they are splash resistant.

These LG Tone Free arrive in two different models with white or black color. The HBS-FN6 are now available for a price of 150 euros. The HBS-FN4 will land on July 20 for only 99 euros.


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