These super wafer shaped SSDs can store up to 50TB

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SSDs are the present and the future of storage, although they still have some pitfalls to overcome to end traditional hard drives. Mass storage is a prevailing need in today’s society in which the cloud and online services have conquered the market. However, in large data centers there is still a way for SSDs to become the norm and that is precisely what the technology of the Japanese memory manufacturer known as Kioxia that works on these wafer-shaped super SSDs wants to address. can store up to 50TB.

SSDs have some limitations that have been overcome in recent years to try to maximize their capacity. Unfortunately, there are no magic bullets right now except for the technology just released by a Japanese company. It believes that there is a faster and cheaper way to offer the most of SSDs: Wafer shaped ssd.

Skip almost the entire manufacturing process

Roughly, Kioxia You want to skip various parts of the SSD disk manufacturing process using the full “raw” wafer. This complete wafer will be tested with the firm’s new technology that rules out faulty 3D NAND sectors and adds the possibility of having input / output or power connectors. This would make the most of the performance level.


Today’s SSDs are limited by their shape, by the chips they mount, by the drivers used, and even by the interface, PCI Express. A full wafer could be offered, using PCIe 6.0 x16 up to 128 GB / s bandwidth. At the level of IOPS or input / output operations per second, we must think in millions. All this has been presented during the VLSI Symposium 2020.

Currently, this company produces 1.33Tb 96-layer 3D QLC 3D NAND chips that measure 158.4 mm2 and offer write performance of up to 132 MB / s. Approximately 355 of these dies fit on a 300mm wafer. Assuming a 90% return rate we have about 320 good dies, or 53TB of 3D QLC NAND raw.

At the moment, it’s about an idea and a technology, not a product in the roadmap of the Japanese firm. However, we already know that there is a will to take SSD storage as far as possible and there are several ways that we plan to use to achieve this. On Friday we already told you about Nimbus Data ExaDrive DC100 of 100 TB, the highest capacity SSD currently on the market and a really expensive drive.

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