These would be the new camera functions of the Galaxy Note 20


Without eating or drinking it, we planted ourselves almost in August. The hottest month of the year begins in less than two weeks, with permission from July. However, Samsung is going to refresh us the month with its new mobile phones. On August 5 we hope to meet the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip along with the expected Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

After taking a look at its changes in design and its new hardware, the latest leak of the latter leads us to think that we are going to find some interesting features Photography, one of the great components that the technology firm usually boasts of.

Improving the camera of the Galaxy S20

Samsung fans know that phones like the Note 10 or the S20 have new video recording tools such as the ability to zoom audio or work with a missing editor in versions prior to One Ui 2.1. Now more information has appeared on the Net about the new features of the galaxy note 20 camera that aim to improve these benefits.

Note 20 Ultra concept

According to the @MaxWinebach leakster, Pro Video mode will now allow us to select which microphone we want to use: whether the front, the rear, both at the same time, or a Bluetooth or USB microphone. This, although it may seem “silly” is very important for our recordings as it will provide a lot of flexibility to those who broadcast live with their smartphone. It is not the same to record something and that our voice is picked up by the microphone after it is done with the front, being a much closer and audible recording.

Another novelty that affects the video is that by using this new mode we will have the possibility to adjust the resolution of these clips. Likewise, the histogram and focal length tools will also be present in real time when capturing with the Note 20 camera, allowing a more precise composition.

Of course, the AI-powered Single Take single capture mode that was first introduced with the Galaxy S20 will be enhanced to give more choice to the user and greater control over the results generated. Currently only clips of up to 5 seconds are recorded, but on new mobiles users can set a duration between 5 and 15 seconds. At the same time Samsung will also allow video recording in a 21: 9 aspect ratio with a resolution of up to 8K and a 50x zoom increment will be added on phones that support up to a 100x magnification, dispensing with the 30x jump to 100x that we have seen in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

In just two weeks we will confirm these and other news about Samsung’s flagships.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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