These zooms for your mobile will improve your photographs for little money

Lenses to improve the photographic section of your smartphone, even if it only has one lens.

Despite the fact that the smartphones we use every day have a good photographic section, it is true that on some occasions, there are devices that could use a little help for best results.

And get this It can be quite easy with the help of the zoom for your mobile that we are going to show you next, that, for little money, they will allow you to make the photographic section of your smartphone much more versatile.

Selvim Lenses

A pack that includes a x22 telephoto lens, a 235º fisheye, a x0.62 wide angle and a x25 macro, which will give you incredible versatility, even if your smartphone has a single sensor. A very interesting option that includes tripod and a support to adapt the smartphone.

Kit of 10 lenses

In this case, it is a kit with 10 lenses, including 0.63X wide angle lens, 15X macro lens, 198 ° fisheye lens, 10X telephoto lens, 3/6 kaleidoscope, 4-line star filter, CPL filter, flow and radial filter. A very complete pack and with which you can do practically everything.

Lens x18

If you want a good amount of zoom on your smartphone, this zoom x18 has what you need to be able to photograph distant objects. In addition, it has a case and a clamp with which you can fix the lens to the terminal.

Apexel lens kit

Pack of four lenses, with a x22 telephoto lens, a 205º fisheye, a 120º wide angle and an x20 macro. In addition to this, also includes a tripod so you can enjoy greater support and stability.

If you have doubts about which mobile to buy, be sure to visit our buying guides section, where we collect the best models on the market and advise you to always make the best purchase decision. The prices shown in this article are valid at the time of publication, so it is possible that they vary depending on the stock and demand in the different sales channels.

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