They accuse Google of spying the use of apps on Android devices

In a world in which we use mobile phones more and more, it is becoming a painful reality that more and more companies try to extract usage data from what we do with our phones for unreasonable reasons.

We have heard many of the accusations that are issued against Chinese applications, such as Tik Tok, and other Americans, such as Facebook, but today’s accusation has taken us somewhat more by surprise.

According to The Information, Google itself would be using Google Play Services to spy on certain applications and be able to improve theirs based on that information. That’s what Android Lockbox is for.

Google is being judge and executioner

They accuse Google of spying the use of apps on Android devices

This practice is not especially new and many companies are accused of taking advantage of their position to face their rivals.

In this case, Google seems to have the ability to know on mobile phones with Google Services installed how many times or how long each application is used. Obviously there is no transfer of private data but only with that information is it able to establish trends.

For example, Tik Tok has grown exacerbated in recent months and now, curiously, the owner of Android is going to launch a rival under the YouTube umbrella, called Shorts.

However, the same source that warns of this indicates that, in some cases, Google has to ask for permission to know this data, and some firms have refused.

The point is that many users give (give) Google access to some data to improve the Android experience, but it was not known that part of that data was related to other companies.

Many do the same but …

They accuse Google of spying the use of apps on Android devices

Google has defended itself indicating that this procedure is normal in the industry and that other companies do the same. The problem is that Google does it on mobiles where it has apps installed … which are all except those that are sold in China and the few that use forks like Amazon’s.

We do not know if, in the eyes of the authorities, this could enter into unfair competition, but it would not be unusual to see Google on another legal front in the United States or Europe.

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