They are accused of preventing them from installing their store on OnePlus mobiles

Fortnite introduced a direct payment method in the game yesterday, which broke the rules of the Play Store and the Apple App Store. Therefore, this morning it was already official that both stores had kicked the game out of Epic Games, also in Spain. The company has charged both stores, complaining about its monopoly and announcing legal measures.

Although the situation is escalating more, based on the new accusations that Epic Games pour against Google. Since they accuse the company of preventing the default installation of its own store on Android phones from brands such as OnePlus or LG. So the war continues.

Epic Games vs. Google

Fortnite Epic Games

Until Fortnite launched on the Play Store, if you wanted to be able to install the game on your phone, you had to install the Epic Games launcher in order to install the game like this. A launcher that can be downloaded from app stores like Samsung’s Galaxy Store. Although the company accuses Google of preventing having an agreement with OnePlus to install this app on their phones by default.

Epic Games claims they reached an agreement with OnePlus to allow the phones of the Chinese brand to have Fortnite, as well as other games from the study on their phones, simply through the study’s own app. In addition, a version of Fortnite was introduced to make the most of it, as we have seen in the OnePlus 8. The agreement between the two parties was a global agreement, for all markets.

Google then required OnePlus not to comply with this agreement, with the exception of devices that were sold in India. The company was concerned that the Epic Games app could install and update games without going through the Play Store. Due to this, only users in India can install and use this application without problems, without the need for the Play Store, while in the rest of the world it is not possible.

So far no response from Google, but it seems that this will not be the last chapter in this war. The studio behind Fortnite has set out to fight these two technology giants, so we will surely hear more news on this topic in the coming days.

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