They filter the processor and memory of the Google Pixel 5


Google confirmed that the Pixel 5 It will be in stores (or rather, the Google store) before the end of the year during the launch of the Pixel 4a earlier this month. The device will be presented throughout the month of October but with a great difference from its predecessors. It will not be a top of the range.

And this is where great doubts assail us. Google has wanted its new phone not to enter the war of the top phones on the market but has decided to keep it a notch below. He Google Pixel 5 visited the AI ​​Benchmark website together with the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL confirming that it will work with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G eight-core. This indicates that the next model will have the support for the 5G network but it will stay far from the flagships of other brands that mount the Snapdragon 865.

pixel 5 ai benchmark

Furthermore, the leak also suggests that Google’s mobile phone will be marketed with a configuration of 8GB RAM. While storage capacity is not listed, we can expect the company to offer at least a 128GB storage model. To this we would have to add Android 11 as an operating system.

What league does the Pixel 5 play in?

The AI ​​Benchmark website does not reveal what other hardware the Pixel 5 so we do not know if the company will bet on a photographic system made up of a single lens on the back or if we can see multiple rear camera configurations. Also, the device is said to arrive with a reverse wireless charging technology.

Pixel 5

Last year the brand launched the Pixel 4 with the most powerful processor of 2019, the Snapdragon 855. We do not understand very well Google’s decision to launch its successor with a processor, even with a 5G modem, much poorer in terms of performance. Without losing sight of the fact that the Google Pixel 4a already costs 389 euros, even more than other mobiles that mount the same processor as the hypothetical Pixel 5, it is not clear in which field Google wants to play.

Obviously the smartphone would cost more than 400 euros but considering that there are 5G mobiles with the 865 processor that are around 600 euros, it is clear that the price range in which the phone can move is very small. Would you buy a Google Pixel 5 with Snapdragon 765G processor for 500 euros just for the capabilities of its camera?

The ball is in Google’s court.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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