They question the security of the browser of the Xiaomi mobiles


This week the thing goes from ban. Earlier in the week we found that the Trump Administration intends to remove all traces of TikTok in the US and now it is another application from a company China which is under pressure from another country, this time India.

Doing a little memory we can remember how the government of India recently prohibited and blocked access to 59 applications with Chinese connections such as TikTok, Xender, Shareit, Cam Scanner and even Weibo, citing that they are «Detrimental to the sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, state security and public order«.

This list contained some Xiaomi apps like Mi Community and now, the government of the Asian country has banned some more applications, including My Browser Pro, the Xiaomi web browser that can be downloaded on any Android device.

My Browser Pro

What is this prohibition about?

With a background that seems more political than technological, the Indian executive has decided to expand the ban on applications with Chinese connections and, consequently, ban Xiaomi Mi Browser Pro. Consequently, these apps are no longer available for download in the Indian app store but curiously nothing happens with the original Mi Browser which is preloaded on Xiaomi devices.

This browser continues to work normally, being present on both the Chinese firm’s mobiles and Play store. In case it disappears, as has happened with the Pro version, users can always download a different browser through the Android store. These movements between India and China are usually more common for reasons of competition than anything else, as is now happening with the American government.

xiaomi logo

Xiaomi responds

The brand’s Indian division alleges that “Xiaomi continues to comply with all the privacy and data security requirements under Indian law. We are working to understand the development and will take appropriate action as necessary. As part of the process, we will work with key stakeholders to have the opportunity to make our presentations «

Is the signature browser secure?

It is not the first time that Xiaomi Mi Browser Pro app is involved in controversy. A few months ago, security researchers accused the browser of collecting a wide variety of data related to web browsing, even when users browse in “incognito mode.” In response, Xiaomi Updated the browser with an option to allow users to disable tracking in this mode, which is quite logical.

For this reason, it is most likely that the ban of the app has a political background rather than security.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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