Third-party applications for Twitter will return to the top

Despite not enjoying the volume of users of Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, Twitter is still one of the most important social networks today, due to the large number of people with great impact on society and the media that use this service. actively.

One of the aspects we liked the most about Twitter is the possibility of using alternative applications, also known as third-party customers. It is true that to access Facebook there are also alternatives, but they are modifications of the official application or the web, never an original product.

How is it possible that there were so many applications on Twitter a while ago and that they disappeared? And why is it possible that they may soon exist again?

Rise, fall and return of Twitter applications

Twitter is, since I registered in 2011 and until today, my favorite social network. Part of the fun comes from a combination of being informed and having funny jokes in one place, but there’s one thing I love about Twitter, and it’s do not use the official client.

This is possible thanks to the Twitter API, a series of resources and tools that allow anyone to create their own application in a safe, efficient and functional way. Thanks to this, it was possible that there were dozens of applications that we still love today, such as Falcon Pro, Fenix ​​or Flamingo.

All of these applications were made possible by Twitter, but their failure to innovate and update is also Twitter’s fault. The company gradually stopped paying attention, not implementing the new features and limiting these applications to work with a maximum of 100,000 users.

These days Twitter expected to publish version 2 of its API, but recent hacks have forced to postpone said launch to take care of these more priority issues. However, the company has decided to announce some of the changes that API 2 will offer, which has been rebuilt from 0 with respect to the 1.1 it has been with us since 2012.

What does it mean to us as users? Basically, third-party applications will no longer have many of the limitations that made them lag so far behind the official client, such as threads, conversations, surveys, pinned tweets or spam filters, among many other features that they will detail in the future.

Twitter has not yet detailed whether limits like that of users will still be there or if third-party applications will not only be able to unleash their potential, but also reach many more people.

If you are a developer you need to sign up on the developer portal of Twitter here, although you will still have to wait a few days until version 2 arrives.

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