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This 2013 app to improve your music ridicules current mobiles

This 2013 app to improve your music ridicules current mobiles

Noozxoide EIZO-rewire ™ PRO, an unsupported app since 2013 that continues to wet the ear of any high-end Android in terms of audio quality

If you want the best audio on your mobile Now you can stop looking for high-end smartphones at scandalous prices, because what is really scandalous is that none of the giants in the industry have gone to work to get a mobile with the best possible music reproduction, except for LG forays with its dedicated Quad-DAC or the inclusion of technology Dolby Atmos without much more fanfare.

Even more curious is that an app without support since 2013 is capable of blushing the industry obtaining results and a much more complete sound experience, without the need for special hardware and also totally free, although it is better understood considering that it has been the scene android the one that has been after a development like EIZO-rewire ™ PRO Noozxoid.

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Noozxoide, an app to dominate them all in audio quality

And it must be recognized that The best of sound have never been among the most vaunted options Nor have they ever been the workhorse of any giant in the industry. In this section, the Android community has always been one step ahead from the custom kernels that introduced acceleration and hardware processing to greatly improve the sound of our smartphones, or also with mods as interesting as a ViperFX almost essential for audiophiles even if it requires root.

It is true that there are some music players such as Poweramp or PlayerPro that incorporate DSP packs and equalizers that promise to improve and certainly improve the multimedia response of our smartphones, but the truth is that no app comes close to what Noozxoide can do with the audio quality of your mobile.

So what Noozxoide has been discontinued and unsupported since the last update on November 9, 2013 and in all its versions, although fortunately the app is still available on the Play Store and it still works on Android 10 without root and without major problems than to install it and open the app before opening our favorite music player.

No manufacturer in the industry has put the batteries to get the best audio on an Android mobile, and so no one will be surprised that the Android community takes their colors with Noozxoide, an app without updating and without support since 2013, still today today and in full 2020

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Noozxoide for Android, improve audio

Noozxoide’s interface is not too intuitive, but the app works !!

This is how Noozxoide EIZO-rewire ™ PRO works, and this is all it can do for you

With a strange name, the truth is that the capabilities of Noozxoide go a long way when it comes to digitally improving the audio output of our mobiles, even in case we talk about wireless audio, and although these types of applications have always been limited when they do not work in root, Noozxoide does a job equally without root and without hardware needs too special.

Is about a professional digital cut-off signal processor, which models the audio output according to different options that we can parameterize to taste and that creates surround sound offering more body and more quality to musical reproduction.

It is one hundred percent compatible with mobiles from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and fortunately, as we have explained, it remains functional despite having many years without support.

Once installed and opened, the app displays a notification so that we know that it is working, and when accessing the settings we will see three modes of use that allow us to configure the audio output in the different sections:

  • Line-Out.- improves the audio emitted through the standard 3.5 mm connector, if our phone has it.
  • Built-in.- In this menu we can configure the audio of the phone’s own speaker.
  • Wireless.- Sound improvements for wireless audio via Bluetooth are here.

A priori, the options shown within each section can overwhelm us, but the fact is that we don’t have to be experts to understand how Noozxoide works but just do trial and error on every menu if we don’t know what parameters each thing touches.

Noozxoide for Android, app to improve sound

Foodies of the best audio, this is undoubtedly your app on Android

I have no doubt that the easiest thing is to test until you get the most personalized audio to our liking, and the improvements are evident without the need for high-quality headphones, so we will not go into each subsection because it would take us a lot of time.

You will have options available for enable or disable the audio processor of Noozxoide EIZO-rewire ™ PRO, configure different presets, activate a gain compensator that allows us increase the maximum volume of the smartphone, or choose between different Virtualization modes with Soundstage simulating that we are in an auditorium, 3D audio or in silent rooms.

Deactivating Noozxoide once opened is also very easy, it is enough click on the notification and then click on Force closing in the menu of informationAlthough we are sure that you will like the app so much that you will never want to deactivate it while listening to music or watching your favorite series or videos. Did you already know Noozxoide?

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