This accessory should not be missing in your car and is worth less than 20 euros

Few times a mobile phone holder for car It has caught our attention as well as in the case of the Ztylus brand “Stinger Car Vent Mount”. And is that this affordable accessory, just under 20 euros, not a simple car mount like the thousands that can be found in stores like Amazon or AliExpress. Although it may not seem so at first glance, it is a multipurpose tool for emergencies, that can save your life.

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like much more than a Magnetic support that allows to connect our mobile to one of the ventilation slits of our vehicle. However, it hides several secrets of the most useful and convenient that it will be possible to get hold of in case of emergencies, such as a seatbelt cutting tool, and another to break the windows of the car.

Stinger Car Emergency Tool

This mobile phone holder can save your life in an emergency

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Stinger Car Mount, a must-have accessory for the car

As explained on the product page itself, car emergency tools are not a new thing. What truly makes this product unique is the fact of combining several utilities in the same accessory, so that it is possible use it to keep our mobile fixed in the car while driving, while we are sure that we can use your tools if necessary.

Mobile phone holder with tools

The accessory has a sober and elegant design

In the video under these lines you can see in more detail how the different tools included, both the blade intended to cut the seat belt as the utility intended to break the car windows or windshield in the event of an accident so you can get out of the vehicle easily.

The device can be Acquire directly from the official Ztylus website at a price of $ 14.99. However, the company also offers the possibility of getting it through Amazon, although its price increases slightly to 19 euros. It is available in several different colors.

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