This Android Go change could change cheap mobiles forever

In the last hours, a new document has been leaked that refers to the RAM requirements of Android Go, the most prominent of them being the new memory requirements that Google is preparing for Android 11.

How could these new criteria change to the low end in Android? We tell you what you should know to understand what could happen in the coming months.

Android Go, the system that needed little RAM to work

There are many versions of Android, but one of the most curious is the Go Edition. This project took over from the first version of Android One to offer an alternative in those markets where accessing a smartphone was more complicated due to economic difficulties.

Android GoAndroid Go includes lighter versions of Google applications.

Android Go is a version lightest android, and it is designed so that mobiles with limited specifications can have an acceptable use experience, through the use of simpler applications.

From the outset, Google boasted that 512 MB of RAM was enough, half a giga, to be able to offer a decent user experience, a figure that if we take a look back is the one that had the original Galaxy S, high-end 2010. That if, at a time when Android was a much simpler system.

Half a giga is insufficient for this version

As they tell in XDA Developers, in a leak related to Google documents that detail the requirements that a mobile must meet to be able to include Google’s mobile services, there would be news that could change cheap mobiles.

Nokia 1, with Android Go.

The biggest change is that Google would not certify any Go Edition with 512 MB for version 11. This change in certification means that you will not be able to sell mobile phones with Android 11 Go, but also not update mobiles from version 10 that have this amount of memory, becoming the new minimum.

On the other hand, mobiles that have 2 GB of RAM from Android 11 will have to use Android Go. This change is much more important, since although Android Go is not very common in Spain, in the low range it is still common to find phones and tablets that still have that amount of RAM.

If this ends up being the case, this change would force many low-end mobiles to end up moving to Android Go, although it could also happen that the new generation of cheap mobiles goes up to 3 GB. In either situation, the future of cheap mobiles will progress, whether due to a lightweight system or better features.

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