This app brings one of the most useful functions of iOS 14 to your Android

One of the most interesting privacy improvements in iOS 14, available on Android thanks to a free app.

Although a good part of the novelties of iOS 14 have already been present in Android for years, as is the case with widgets, the new version of the Apple operating system introduces the odd interesting improvement that we could not enjoy on Android … at least until now. It is the case of calls Recording Notifications, a utility that warns the user when an app accesses the microphone or the camera of the mobile phone **, and that undoubtedly represents a great advance in terms of privacy. Now this function can now be used on Android thanks to a free app.

The app in question is Access Dots, a new tool published by the same creator who brought us apps like Energy Ring, the best mobile app with a hole in the screen. Access Dots works the same way as the utility included in iOS 14: every time an app accesses the camera or microphone, a little colored dot will appear at the top right of the screen to notify us.

In addition, as is usually the case with this type of third-party solutions, we find advantages over the implementation of Apple as is the possibility of change the color or position of the indicatoras well as the size of the circle.

Recording notification, one of the most useful privacy features of iOS 14

Recording notification, one of the most useful privacy features of iOS 14

Access Dots alerts you every time an app accesses the camera or microphone

The idea behind the application is to make users aware that, whenever access permissions are granted to the camera and the microphone of the mobile phone to an application, she can access them whenever they want. Therefore, it is important to know at all times if an app installed on the mobile is listening to what we say, or is “seeing” us through the front camera.

To use this application, just grant you accessibility permissions necessary to show the indicator light above other applications. Then you just have to toggle switch that appears on the main screen of the application. Once enabled, the app will display a green or orange indicator each time an application accesses the camera or microphone respectively. It is necessary to mention that the app itself does not have access to either of these two components, nor does it need them to be able to function.

At the time of publishing this article, the application still cannot be downloaded through Google Play. However, the developer states that its arrival at the store should occur at any moment. Once available, can be downloaded totally free, although it will be possible to donate to the developer to have access to certain functions extra. We will update this article with the download link when it becomes available.

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