This app has been installed more times than the total population of the planet

Record figure for Google and its Play Services, with total security the most important app on the Android platform and already on more than 10,000,000,000 devices around the world

We have known for a long time that we know that in Spain and other markets there are more active mobile lines than people living in the country, and the truth is that the figures of this industry do not stop increasing Although we are certainly suffering a bit from the logical stagnation of an already mature market that begins to slow down its growth.

In any case, Google is celebrating because we already have the first app on the Play Store to exceed the record number of ten billion downloads globally, and yes, you read correctly, there are 10,000,000,000 installations that outnumber the total population of planet Earth.

The most downloaded apps on Google Play

Google Play Services is without a doubt the most important app on the Android platform

We talk of course Google Play ServicesAnd even if you are wondering right now if this means that all human beings on the planet use Google services, the answer is that it can but it is not the case … What it means is that Google services are without a doubt the most important app on the Android platform., and practically all of the mobiles, tablets and others gadgets with Android of the world they use Play Services.

The app is indeed a package of APIs and services that Google unlinked from core Android to facilitate updating and offer connected services to third-party developers in a more intuitive and integrable way, so it is not a usable application as such but probably the framework world’s largest mobile service provider.

It is curious that the first app to reach 11 figures in the Play Store is a package of APIs and services and not a usable application as such, although the truth is that Google Play Services is the most important app on Android today

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Statistics of Google Play Services

Ten billion copies, no less, has Google Play Services installed across the planet

In fact Google uses it to update platform-level features directly from the Play Store and without the need for major device firmware updates, as well as to track and identify diagnostic data and offer its services online to all users independently to the operating system itself.

It is because of that it is such an important app and this explains its figures, doubling the number of downloads in three years and being the first to reach 11 figures in the Google Play Store. It should be remembered in any case that Huawei for example does not have access to these services after losing Google Play certificationHence, it has designed its own Huawei Mobile Services to respond while maintaining the Android base. Curious at least, don’t you think?

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