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What did the macOS look like in the 90s? You can now explore this yourself: with a new app that emulates Mac OS 8 on modern computers. So not only on Macs, but also Windows and Linux PCs. Even games are pre-installed.

Mac OS 8 is back: retro Mac system to try yourself

Slack developer Felix Rieseberg packs Mac OS 8 into an app that can be installed on modern computers. His software claims to be a Macintosh Quadra from 1991, which also features a few retro games in addition to Mac OS 8.1. Rieseberg wrote his app using the JavaScript programming language and uses the Electron developer interface – this is why the retro Mac system “macintosh.js” can be installed not only on modern Macs, but also on devices with Windows and Linux. The links for download can be found on Rieseberg’s page at GitHub.

Image: Felix Rieseberg / GitHub

Shortly before Apple’s next processor change from Intel to its own chip designs, the program can be used to find out how a Mac must have felt before the PowerPC era. In the Macintosh Quadra there was still a chip from Motorola. In the mid-1990s, Apple said goodbye to Motorola processors from the 68000 series, then installed PowerPC processors for around 10 years. Steve Jobs introduced the first Macs with Intel processors in early 2006.

Released in a few months and once again speaks a completely new design language – macOS Bis Sur:

Photoshop is running, but there are limitations

Mac OS 8 can be used almost completely with Rieseberg’s app. Even files can be opened in the software. Several apps are pre-installed, including Photoshop 3, Premiere 4, Illustrator 5.5, StuffIt Expander and the “Apple Web Page Construction Kit”.

Even gaming is possible: The games Oregon Trail, Duke Nukem 3D, Civilization II, Alley 19 Bowling, Damage Incorporated and Dungeons & Dragons are preinstalled. They apparently come from a demo CD by the Macworld print magazine from 1997.

However, there are restrictions: the virtual system, which Rieseberg calls “toys”, cannot be connected to the Internet. According to the developer, that would not be worth it: Not even Google could be opened with it anymore. The web browsers Internet Explorer and Netscape are still installed for “messing around”.

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