This app that recommends games is what your mobile needs

If you don’t know what new game to install on your smartphone, this app recommends the best titles according to your tastes.

In addition to smartphones, we also love video games no matter what platform they are played on. Because although many think otherwise, we can find wonderful titles for our Android devices.

But we are not going to deny it. Discovering mobile games is not easy. They do not have the same publicity as the PlayStation 4 or Xbox titles so unfortunately we can miss great jewels along the way. Or so it was before knowing this interesting app.

This is the app that recommends mobile games


MiniReview is an app that recommends mobile games depending on our tastes

MiniReview is an app for Android and it would be like a kind of huge database with thousands of games for smartphones. Of course all of them reviewed, with opinions, notes and sorted by gender.

Thus the value of this tool is the ability it has to sort and filter the games. In this way, if for example we want to search for an RPG, we will only have to select it in the search tab.

Now, we can also filter the games in case we do not want microtransactions, if they require internet to play or if they are single player or multiplayer. And beware, because MiniReview will also notify us when new games are added to the Google application store of our favorite genres.

MiniReview is a totally free app that we can download to our mobile devices directly from the Play Store. Although recent, acceptance among users has been incredible with a 4.9 star rating at the time of writing.

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