This application alerts you if other apps use the camera or microphone

Permits are one of the most worrying aspects to Android users in Spain. Google has been introducing changes in the way of managing permissions, which now give more possibilities for good use. Although it is still possible that there are applications that abuse them, so users are informed when an app has access to certain permissions.

In the latest versions of Android, in addition to layers such as MIUI 12 and other systems such as iOS 14, they show us some signal or indicator in case the applications ask permission to access to the camera or microphone, for example. On phones with older Android versions, there is an app that will help a lot, called Access Dots.

Controlling camera and microphone permissions

This application alerts you if other apps use the camera or microphone

In this application you bet on a style similar to that of iOS 14. Access Dots will show colored dots / dots, when the phone’s camera or microphone is in use. These indicators are shown in one of the corners of the screen, usually in the upper right corner, although users can configure their precise location at all times. In addition to being able to choose the colors that represent the camera and microphone permissions.

It is presented as a good help for users with previous versions of Android, who do not have as many options for managing permissions on the phone. This application It will be released for free on the Play Store. Although a date has not yet been given, it is expected to arrive shortly at the store.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that Access Dots will not ask for camera or microphone permissions to users. The only thing that the application will do is indicate at all times if the camera or microphone on the phone is in use and so users can know and see if there is any app that uses them maliciously. The application will work with phones with versions from Android 7.0 Nougat.

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